Good with Dogs

Unknown with Kids

Unknown with Cats

Sex: Male

Birthdate: December 20, 2018

Weight: 60lbs

Alaska is a 2yo Husky X. He currently lives with his foster mom!


Alaska has been diagnosed with Heartworm and Lyme Disease. He is currently starting treatment and will be on a medical hold for ~3 months during treatment. Heartworm treatment typically costs ~$3000 and we will be fundraising for his treatment in the coming months. He is receiving all of the love and some delicious Benko treats in his foster home during this time, and showing off his sassy husky personality.


Donations for his treatment can be e-transferred to 


Alaska has loved all of the people he has met so far. He has met a few dogs and has done well with them -- we always encourage proper introductions to new canine pals! He is still getting a hang of playing with his toys and enjoys his time outside on walks. While he is undergoing treatment for heartworm, he isn't able to exercise for long periods of time, and can't wait until he can run around all day!

Alaska does well in his crate. He will initially whine a bit as he settles in, and can occasionally be vocal. He loves attention so encouraging independence will be important for him in his furever home! He is very eager to please... but is only motivated if there's a treat involved ;). He will benefit from continued, structured training.

Here's what Alaska's foster mom has to say about him:

"Alaska is very excited to see you in the morning and has started to do that "talking" thing that huskies are known for when he sees his person. He is eager to get outside and loves to do training to get his breakfast. He has started to be very content just sitting outside, and will just sit quietly by the door. It often takes him some encouragement to come inside! He will sit and chew on an antler while you work for a little bit, but starts to become bored and impatient.


He LOVES chasing his tail. Unfortunately, this seems to be because he is bored and I tend to take him to his crate when he continues to do this so he doesn't get too riled up. Alaska quickly goes 0-100 on playing. He is not frequently interested by toys on his own, but if you move them, he is suddenly interested. He quickly gets very excited though and throws things around to himself (which unfortunately we have to stop him from doing even though he is having a great time!).


He is starting to test boundaries, and wants to be close to you for attention - jumping on to furniture you're in or on or trying to get up onto your chair with you. He responds best to "ah ah" andis coming alongwell with his training.  He will make a great addition to his furever family!!"


-Lyme and Heartworm +
-Good with dogs
-Unknown with cats
-Unknown with kids (likely fine)
-Escape artist
-Very friendly and affectionate, playful with people and dogs, happy go lucky
-OK on leash: walks well on transitional
-Basic training: knows sit, down, crate on command, needs to work on obedience
-Low/Medium energy level - Alaska's activity is being restricted while we treat his Heartworm
-Good in crate: quiet, naps
-Ok in car: persistently tries to climb in front
-Stubborn: you give an inch he'll take a mile - needs firm/consistent handler
Backyard behavior: Sniffs, lays down (would wander away if given opportunity)
First morning Impulse: Big stretches and rubs up for affection

Adoption Fee: $500

Vetting: Alaska is fully vetted and on seasonal heartworm preventative. Heis heartworm and Lyme positive and is currently being treated for both.

Alaska is being fostered in Waterloo, ON.



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