Alaska has been diagnosed as Heartworm and Lyme Disease positive.

Heartworm is transferred by mosquitos through larva called microfilaria which grow into adult heartworms that damage the heart, lungs and arteries. It is fatal if left untreated. Unfortunately heartworm is very long and difficult treatment that requires one month of oral antibiotics followed by a series of injections to kill the worms, and a long recovery period while the worms are cleared from the body.

Lyme Disease is a lifelong disease that is treated with the same antibiotics for heartworm treatment. After being treated, Lyme disease does not severely impact a dog's quality of life if treated in the early stages.

Alaska's treatment is estimated around $2000, and will last until June. We need your support to help Alaska recover and go back to being his happy, playful self!

December 21

Alaska gets routine 4DX snap blood test


December 22

Positive Lyme diagnosis

Inconclusive Heartworm result


December 28

 Urinalysis to determine kidney health

Microfilaria Knotts Test to confirm Heartworm Diagnosis

Pre-Op Screen/CBC Bloodwork

December 30

Alaska receives Revolution and is hospitalized for 8 hours with an IV in case of averse reaction. He did very well and the vet staff loved his visit for the day!

December 30-January 30

Alaska takes home and begins Prednisone and Teva-Doxy medication for the next 30 days medication to prepare him for his Melarsomine injections.

January 30

Alaska receives Revolution 

February 11
Alaska goes to his foster-to-adopt home!

February 30
Alaska receives Revolution

March 1

Alaska receives Immiticide Injection Treatment, Dexamethasone Injection and Prednisone for next 2 weeks

Treatment Updates