Ambrosia - AVAILABLE

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OK with Dogs

Older Kids

No Cats

Sex: Female

Birthdate: January 13, 2021

Weight: ~50lbs

Ambrosia (F) is an 8 month old Australian Shepherd X. She is currently living with her foster mom, canine foster sister and two cats.

Ambrosia is house and crate trained. Ambrosia has an anxious energy and if she is left to her own devices she will pace and can pant. Ambrosia benefits from lots of crate time, place training and tethering to maintain a calm mind, as pacing just increases her anxiety. Ambrosia loves her people and is quite needy, but would benefit from learning some independence so she doesn't develop unhealthy attachment and separation anxiety issues. 

Ambrosia is a very active girl, but mental exercise is the best way to tire her out. She was taught to pull on leash in her previous life, and is just now learning about leash pressure and handler focus. She is curious and can fixate seeing activity on walks, and does best learning her leash skills in quieter environments to keep her under threshold and set her up for success. Ambrosia is very overstimulated seeing other dogs on walks. She is a go go go girl and doesn't like stopping, and can throw little tantrums chewing the leash when the walk pauses. She does best with a calm and assertive handler who can be firm but fair.

Ambrosia likes other dogs but does not always play appropriately with them. She jumps all over them and does not read social signals if they aren't interested in playing. She can sometimes take play too far when other dogs aren't interested. She does well with slow introductions and being leashed around other dogs so she can't interact with them until she is in a calm state of mind. 

Ambrosia currently lives with 2 cats, but is not respectful at their space. She needs to be managed when they are in the room, and if given the opportunity will chase them every opportunity she gets! She would do best without feline companions to live stress free with more freedom.

Ambrosia loves moving things and chasing balls, but hasn't quite learned to bring them back yet! She seems a bit confused when playing with toys, and prefers to play with toys with her people rather than independently, and would benefit from enrichment activities to keep her brain engaged. Ambrosia doesn't have much of a food drive yet, and is slow to train despite being very smart! She would benefit from a furever home that can keep up with her training to appropriately direct her energy and keep her out of mischief! 

Here's what Ambrosia's foster mom has to say about her: 


"Ambrosia is a very beautiful girl. She is also a handful of puppy energy in an adult-dog-sized body. She's a very busy girl who loves to be active unless she's resting in her crate. She loves to do zoomies in the yard, and has started to play fetch. She's at the age when she's into her "terribles" and is therefore testing her boundaries. She's a working breed mix, so she needs a family who will help her drain her mental and physical energy each day.


She needs supervision in the home while she gains your trust. She has a rough and impolite play style with dogs, so dog parks are not a good idea for her as she is likely to annoy other dogs with her antics (body and hip checks). She has not been good with the cats in her foster home - they are far too interesting to her and she has lunged and swatted at them. She just loves to chew, so she'd appreciate if her new family would provide her some tough chew toys and treats so she doesn't chew things you don't want her to!


She is getting better at walking on leash with her transitional slip lead, and is usually walking on nice loose leash by the end of her walks. She's accustomed to her crate and crate time should remain part of her routine whether you are at home or not because it helps her relax and keeps her safe and out of trouble. She's very smart and picks thing up quickly.


Ambrosia will make a wonderful companion to an adopter who will be a calm, confident and assertive leader for her, and everyone in her adoptive family will need to be on board. It seems she was used to ruling the roost in her former home, so she needs someone who is willing to keep up with her training and provide consistency so she can be the best girl. If you think Ambrosia could be a good fit for you and your family, fill out an application to adopt!"


First impressions:

-OK with most dogs, insecure, needs slow introductions

-No cats

-Unknown with kids (skittish, not recommended)

-Needy/anxious for affection and overstimulated when receiving affection- pees when she meets new people or sees her people in the morning

-Good in crate

-High energy

-Pulls on leash, learning about leash pressure

-Anxious/insecure personality

-Very smart and loves training- would benefit from a forever home that continued training to build confidence

-Needs structure to mitigate anxious tendencies

-Takes food gently

-Ok in car, walks around a bit, seeks attention

-Heavy shedding
-Can get jealous of other pets getting attention


Fun facts:

First Morning Impulse: Sprint around

Backyard behavior: jumps on door

Best traits: very smart and excels in training! Loves people

Needs work: anxious needy tendencies, needs to build confidence. Pushy (on leash, thresholds)

Adoption Fee: $500


Vetting:  Ambrosia is fully vetted and spayed. She has no known health concerns.

Ambrosia is being fostered in Kitchener, ON.


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