Augustus is a 7yo Shepherd Husky X. He currently lives with his foster parents and canine foster sibling.

Augustus is house and crate trained. He gets along with other dogs, but prefers tie on his own -- basically he isn't big into playing with his canine pals but is happy (or indifferent) to share space with them as long as they are calm and well mannered. He LOVES snoozing in his crate and getting away from the hustle and bustle of a busy household. He is very much looking for a place to retire happily and enjoy the simple things!

Augustus has some chronic back and hip pain (more details below) and prefers that his back end not be touched, especially by people he isn't fully comfortable with. He would be best in a home without little kids who aren't able to respect his boundaries in this way. Currently, he needs to be muzzled at the vet and to be groomed on his back end. He also prefers the peace and quiet, even from humans of the grown-up variety, and will appreciate independent resting time versus snuggling.

Augustus has great leash manners and walks right beside his foster mom. He loves to go on a casual stroll. He isn't bothered by (or interested in) people, dogs, cars or squirrels that pass by; he's a pretty chill dude when it comes to lots of activity going on around him! He loves a good car ride and will try to sneak up to become the co-pilot in the passenger seat if given the opportunity.

Here's what Augustus's foster mom has to say about him:

"Augustus is a calm older dog looking for a quiet retirement home. He enjoys two walks a day with his foster family, and enjoys relaxing in whatever room they are in. He is indifferent to people coming and going, and is happy to sniff his canine foster brothers, then leave them alone.


Augustus has been to a vet that determined he has some irregularity in his vertebrae that may be causing a pinched nerve or severe pain. He is currently being given glucosamine and we are looking at other pain management drugs for him. As such, he does not like being touched on his back half, or retrained or given a vet examination, and will growl to let you know he is not comfortable. He would not do well at a groomer or being bathed. He would do best in a home without children or excitable dogs trying to play with him.


Augustus enjoys his walks, car rides, and peacefully napping in the same room as his people. He doesn't care much to receive attention, but will sometimes give his people a nose poke to ask for ear scratches. Augustus is well behaved in his crate, and knows his basic commands.


Augustus would do well in a calm and consistent furever home where he can be comfortable and well cared for till the end of his days. He enjoys calm companionship, and initiating interactions with people himself rather than attention being forced on him."


Adoption Fee: $400

Vetting: Augustus is fully vetted and on seasonal heartworm preventative.

He has a narrowing (and possible pinched nerves) between the T 13-L1 and L4-5 through L7-S1 intervertebral disc space, causing chronic pain. He is currently taking medication to relieve some of his pain and will need to continue with some form of medication/care plan to make him more comfortable day in and day out.


Augustus is being fostered in Waterloo, ON.

Good with Dogs

Older Kids

Unknown with Cats

Sex: Male

Birthdate: October 15, 2012

Weight:  70lbs


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