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Dogs: Good, loves to play, has pushy puppy manners.

Cats: Good

Kids: Good
Strangers: Anxious, avoidant. Will bark and growl lightly. Food helps!
Crate Skills: Good
Leash Skills: Good

Car: Good
Energy Level: Low, with bursts of puppy energy. Likely to change post-surgery
Confidence: Timid, Anxious, pushy puppy behaviour
Affectionate: Moderate, loves people he knows. Enjoys affection, but not pushy.

Resources: No issues

Behavioural: Overexcitement when food is handled

Training: Very food motivated, takes direction well. Smart.

Best traits: Sweet, smart, bouncy, affection, playful.


Needs work: Confidence, socialization with people, settling when food is being handled.

Adoption Fee: $650

Mandatory Training: All Taffy's Legacy dogs requires a home that can commit to their training with a professional trainer to set dogs up for success. We have partnered with Training Dogs Online to give Taffy's Legacy adopters 50% off to their lifetime program, however we can also recommend other great local or online programs. Adoptions will not be finalized till we have proof of signing up with a training program that we approve of. 


Vetting: Berlin had all of his puppy vaccines. Berlin was dewormed at 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 weeks old. Berlin is neutered.

Berlin has a condition called pulmonic dysplasia which is causing stenosis which means he is at risk for arrhythmias, symptoms (such as syncope/fainting), and sudden death.

Berlin had a successful balloon valvuloplasty surgery on November 22nd/23. This has significantly increased his quality and length of life. 

At this time, the Cardiac specialists will be completing a follow up echocardiogram in February. The results will provide us with information on Berlin's current heart health post surgery, and next steps for his on-going health care.

Currently, it is anticipated he will require an additional follow up echocardiogram 6-12 months after his February follow up, with potential of annual follows ups thereafter. He is currently on one heart medication, Sotalol, which he may or may not be on long-term depending on his echo results. For 2 months worth of Sotalol pills it is $24 at your local pharmacy, which is currently given every 12 hours (2xday).


Berlin is being fostered in Kitchener



Sex: Male

Birthdate: April 3rd, 2023

Breed: Husky X Shepherd

Weight: Medium to Large full grown

First Impressions:

Dogs: Good with dogs, happy to engage and LOVES to play with dogs he meets. Does like to be pushy and take/share dog beds and toys. Does listen to other dog's corrections.

Cats: Loves cats, is gentle and gets along with feline friends

Kids: Grew up around a toddler and baby, he loved his human sisters and was very gentle with them

Strangers: He will growl very quietly, or bark, at people in his home that he does not know. He does not like being pet, or being starred at by people he is not familiar with, and it is best he is advocated for in these situations. He is currently learning, "Quiet" and continued training is being put into his socialization skills. When meeting people outside, he can be timid and prefers not to be pet, but does not growl or bark at them. If they own a dog, he is less apprehensive to engage with them and may allow them to pet him, and may even give them kisses on their hand before moving away from them. It only takes a few times meeting a stranger outdoors to be fully comfortable and confident around them, whereas indoors, it can take multiple meetings before he is accepting of them being in his space.

Crate Skills: Crate trained. He is always a happy pup to snuggle up and take a nice snooze when there is a blanket in his crate. He does take a few days to settle into new environments and will lightly cry to get attention, but settles in time.

Leash skills: Great leash skills. He is walked on a transitional leash as he can be skittish of cars, or people running by. He walks nicely in a loose leash walk most of the time, although he can surprise you with random puppy zoomies!

Energy Level: Berlin is currently a low energy pup, he only needs an hour of walking per day. In his current foster home he gets more than required, as he gets to spend about an hour playing in the backyard with his canine companions in the morning (weather permitted), and also gets time to play tug in the evenings with his humans. He loves to play and is never discouraged as we want him to live his best life!

Confidence: Berlin is an anxious dog and would do best in a home devoted to building his confidence. He is very smart, and very food motivated, which will make training him fun for all parties!

Affection: Berlin is not the kind of dog that demands affection from his people, however he is still very much a love bug and soaks up all of the affection his family is willing to provide him. He would prefer to be able to follow his people around to see what they are getting up to but will wander off to lay in other areas of the house for periods of time.

Training: Berlin is always eager to train when kibble is involved. He is very keen and understands his cues well, always ready to learn new things for rewards. He knows lots of commands already, and is very keen to learning more

Training: Berlin is always eager to train when kibble is involved. He is very keen and understands his cues well, always ready to learn new things for rewards.

Behavioural: Berlin is overexcited by food and will whine, cry and have mini bouncing tantrums when food is being prepared for his breakfast and dinner, or if any of the other resident dogs are being fed. Although a good food drive makes training much easier, we are working to lessen the excitement around food and reduce demand crying for food.

Here is what Berlin's foster mom has to say about him: 

Berlin is a big kid. He loves to play with us, his foster sister, his toys, and his best friend in the neighbourhood. Berlin is a sweet boy who loves to lounge as much as he loves to play. He is curious and likes to check things out, but listens to correction and is well behaved overall. We are working on calming his food excitement, but his strong appetite helps us during training. Berlin can be nervous of new people, but he warms up pretty quickly after some treats. He is a joy to have around and loves to be part of the group.

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