Good with Dogs

Older Kids

No Cats

Sex: Male

Birthdate: April 11, 2019

Weight: ~60lbs

Charlie  (M) is a 2yo German Shepherd. He is currently living with his foster parents and two canine foster siblings. 

Charlie is house and crate trained, and loves all people! Charlie is almost too affectionate, he is often so exited to interact with his people that he will jump up and can be mouthy - oops! Charlie is working on meeting new people calmly and sometimes needs reminders that he can't jump up and lick their face or nibble on fingers. Charlie has not been tested with kids, and while he has shown nothing but love for all people, he might be too big, bouncy and mouthy for young kids.


Charlie is very smart and takes to training well. He knows all of his basic commands but needs work on duration, impulse control, and being calm. Charlie doesn't listen very well with distractions and struggles to be calm in the house - he is looking for a committed home who can work on his training at all times when he is out of his crate. He can be vocal and pushy for attention, and would do best in a detached home with a big fenced yard to play in.


Charlie is a high energy boy and is walks well on leash without any distractions. He has some prey drive on walks, cats may not be the best choice. Charlie is very excited and rude with other dogs, although he pulls and wants to meet them, his approach makes other dogs uncomfortable and could easily result in dog fights. Charlie is looking for an owner who will continue to work on his training and advocate for him to not put him in situations that have negative consequences. He does not respect space and would only do well in a home with a calm dog that is okay with their space being intruded on. Charlie would not do well at a dog park. 

This is what Charlie's foster parents have to say about him:

"Charlie has a lot of potential. He is a really great dog, but he isn't easy. He requires a dedicated owner willing to put in the time and work needed to make him a well rounded dog. He could be an absolutely amazing companion for anyone that is willing to do this for him.

Charlie is high energy and can be anxious and vocal, he would not be well suited for apartment living due to his excessive whining, however this may ease over time if consistent training and boundaries are kept. Charlie is a working dog and would also do best with someone that has a good bond with him/he trusts. Obedience training would be highly advised to contribute to this, and a rigorous exercise schedule. Charlie is pretty great on leash, he would love being a jogging partner!

Charlie would love to be adopted by a young active couple who can stay on top of his training. He can be challenging with other dogs and can be pushy with people, so he needs someone who can be firm and consistent in the rules. He enjoys training and loves to please, and would do best in a home that enrolled in formal training right away".


-Pushy with dogs

-Unknown with cats

-Unknown with kids (likely fine)

-Happy go lucky, no previous training or structure

-Good in crate, takes a minute to settle in

-Needs work on leash, pulls a lot to start, pretty good by end of walk

-High energy

-Affectionate, loves people

-Takes food gently

-Great food drive, enjoys training

-No manners, jumps up, rude with other dogs

-Doesn't like baths

-Good in car

-Favorite activity: running/jumping

-First morning impulse: push out of crate, sprint around, jump on people

-Backyard behavior: sprint around, jump on people, pee on everything

-Best traits: affectionate, happy, curious

-Needs work: manners, training

Charlie is a happy boy looking for a furever family that can commit to working on his training and providing structure and rules so he can be his best version of himself.

Adoption Fee: $500

Vetting: Charlie is fully vetted and neutered. He has no known health concerns.

Charlie is being fostered in Kitchener, ON.


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