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Pushy with Dogs

Older Kids

Lived with a Cat

Sex: Male

Birthdate: March 26, 2016

Weight: ~60lbs

Cliff is a 5yo Boxer X Bulldog. He currently lives with his foster parents and two canine foster brothers.

Cliff is fully house trained, crate trained, and knows his basic obedience. He's very smart and loves to please, and picks up new things easily. He is a true goofball who loves to do everything at top speed, and then race to his dog bed for a big nap! He sometimes interrupts his naps intermittently to ask for pets and snuggles!

Cliff currently lives with two male foster brothers and gets along with them very well. He has tense body language and a pushy play style that most dogs wouldn't appreciate, and in the past did not get along well with male dogs, but is doing well with his foster brothers and respects their space. Cliff also lived with a cat and older kids in the past! Cliff loves all people, but is too boisterous and strong for small children or elderly people. 

Cliff is working on his leash manners on walks. Cliff is nervous and has developed reactivity to dogs and some people on walks. He is working on his loose leash walking and handler focus daily and is making huge improvements, but Cliff is looking for a furever home that will continue working on building his confidence and being comfortable seeing outdoor stimuli. 

This guy is looking for a home that can provide him with structure and continue with basic training to keep him busy! He loves to go on walks but he also knows how to relax. He will wiggle himself in to any space for a snuggle!

This is what his foster parents say about him: 

"Cliff is the best wiggly bum buddy! He's amazing in the house and always wants to be beside his people getting pets, but is also great at napping on his dog bed while were cooking or moving around. He needs some work on his impulse control as he does get very excitable and likes to charge the doors, but he does understand the expectations and listens very well if communication is clear. 

Cliff is so much fun to do training with! He's very attentive and has a high food drive, and high energy when he's motivated! He can be a bit pushy, so he needs someone who can be firm on the rules and boundaries, but also have fun with him!"

Adoption Fee: $669.50 (Includes mandatory training program fee)*


Training fee: Cliff requires a home that can commit to his training with a professional trainer. We have included the training fee for our training program in his adoption fee, Training Dogs Online, however we can reimburse the fee if you have signed up with your own trainer that we approve of.

Vetting: Cliff is fully vetted and neutered. He has no known health concerns.

Cliff is being fostered in Waterloo, ON.

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