Clyde is a 2.5yo Doberman. He currently lives with his foster parents and has previously lived in a home with canine siblings and older, dog savvy children.

Clyde is looking for a home that will continue with his training and advocate for him. They will need to appreciate that he has his quirks (and who doesn't!) and see the potential in him. Being able to enforce structure and boundaries is a must, as is breed-specific/power-breed experience. Clyde has been doing very well with his foster family in most of his daily training, but he does have one weak spot, his crate. He is currently being crated in an ‘indestructible’ crate and is doing much better especially throughout the day, but at night, he does need work on this as he will bark to get out. Clyde does well with walking on a transitional slip lead but will occasionally pull when he wants to chase a squirrel or rabbit that passes by. His foster parents are working with him on this to redirect his attention to them rather than focusing on the moving object. Clyde loves to play with toys but does like to tear them apart as quickly as he can so he does need tough toys that can handle his strength. He is also a great travel partner and enjoyed his camping experience with his foster family this fall.

Clyde loves people but he does not do well around small kids. Although he did live with two kids previously, smaller, non-dog savvy children do cause him to react negatively if they get in his space, so his people will need to advocate for him in places where there are children around. When new people are coming into the home, Clyde will bark, so teaching him commands such as ‘place’ have been started by his foster family to help him nicely greet people as they come through the door. Clyde loves food which has helped with his daily training. He is the sort of pup who needs daily mental and physical stimulation and without it, he will become a different (not so fun) dog, if you know what we mean

Here’s what Clyde’s foster mom has to say about him:

“He’s a stubborn, hard-headed, dominate Doberman but has become such a good dog. He’s a Doberman- a strong breed and likes to push the envelope to see just how far he can get. He’s a smart boy though, he picks up on commands rather easily and is recognizing what he is supposed to do compared to what he is not. He is an amazing companion, always wanting to be with his humans whether that’s for a walk, a movie night, or a quick neck scratch. He needs an owner who is very much like him, strong, stubborn and hard-headed!”



Adoption Fee: $400

Vetting: Clyde is fully vetted and on seasonal heartworm preventative. He has no known health concerns.


Clyde is being fostered in Cobourg, ON.

Selective with Dogs

Slow introductions with confident handlers


No Kids

Older, dog experienced kids are a possibility


No Cats


Birthdate: April 30, 2017

Weight: 60lbs


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