Colton is a 10mo Husky X. He currently lives with his foster mom and multiple canine friends, with the occasional 2-legged visitor and absolutely loves them all; even the cats that he has visited!


🚨🚨 MARCH 1: We are excited to introduce our newest pup to the team, we also need to ask for your help! This morning Colton had 3 seizures within an hour. Though we already knew Colton had epilepsy, these 'cluster seizures' can be very dangerous. Prior to this morning, his medication has helped Colton stay seizure-free for the two months he's been with TLC.


He has been admitted to the Ontario Veterinary College (OVC) in Guelph to make sure that he doesn’t have anymore seizures and to start investigating what triggered these ones. This sparky and sweet puppy needs us and we will give him everything that we’ve got.

If you can, please consider donating. The current estimate for his care is $1500-$2500 to start, and we could use all the help we can get with this! 🚨🚨


Colton is house and crate trained and walks well on a transitional slip lead; on any other leash (flat collar or slip lead), he does not understand his size, and he will pull. Colton has lived in a home with kids and does well with them, although as it was mentioned, he does not realize how big of a boy he really is and could easily knock over a small child by mistake.

Colton is working on perfecting his basic commands and his crate training. Unfortunately, Colton does have a naughty side and does like to try to get into things when rule and boundaries are not set out for him which is why when no one is home or supervising him, he does have to practice his crating. When asked to do something, Colton has shown his rebellious, teenage side by talking back, literally, and by trying to run away so we are also working on building a stronger bond to ensure that he knows the respect needs to be mutual

Colton is an epileptic, which means that he does have seizures. He was diagnosed with epilepsy on January 13th after having two seizures a month apart. From January 13th until March 1st, Colton was seizure-free but unfortunately, on March 1st, Colton did have a cluster seizure. We are currently working a neurologist to help get his medications at the right dose to help manage his seizure activity. One thing most people don’t know is that huskies are actually one of the most common breeds to have epilepsy and one of the hardest ones to control (their stubborn behaviours clearly carry over to their health in this department ). As we continue to work with Colton and the specialist, we will keep everyone posted on how he is doing - so far, we are happy to say that he has been seizure-free again for over 2 weeks!

Here’s what Colton’s foster mom has to say about him:

“Colton is your typical husky puppy. He is absolutely gorgeous, he is smarter then what he shows right off the bat, and is such a well behaved boy once he understands what the rules of the house are. Colton gets along with all 3 of my dogs, including seniors and dog-selective dogs! He is learning to walk nicely, especially on multi-dog walks, but is doing well with it.

I would say if he has a weak spot, it would definitely be his crate. He is perfect in his crate at night and the only time he has woken me up overnight has been when he needed to go outside for a potty break, but during the day, he does not like to be crated for long periods of time. I am able to leave him with his breakfast of a long-lasting treat and he does well when he does have those with him. If he is kept in the crate for a long period of time and finds himself bored, he will pace and do a low whine/howl.


Colton can come off as a crazy husky puppy, and definitely did when he first came into my home, but he has calmed down tremendously in the house and has become quite the gentleman. I will admit, I don’t typically find myself falling for huskies, but Colton has wiggled his way into my heart.


All I can ask is for someone to look past his seizures and see what an incredible boy he is, and just how much potential he truly has. Once he is on the right medications, he may have years without having any issues, and let’s be honest, with him, you know he has epilepsy now rather then it being a surprise down the line!"

Adoption Fee: $400

Vetting: Colton is fully vetted and on seasonal heartworm preventative. He is epileptic and on medication; he will need to be on medication for life.

Colton is being fostered in Cambridge, ON.


Our new dogs are on an INTAKE HOLD. We will accept applications and emails from approved adopters, however, we do not know enough about them to make any matches at this time. Thank you in advance for your patience as we get to know their personalities in order to find the best matches for our dogs and adopters, alike!

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Sex: Male

Birthdate: May 20, 2019

Weight: 76lbs


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