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Good with Dogs

Good with Kids

Unknown with Cats

Sex: Male

Birthdate: January 2, 2020

Weight: ~60lbs

Creston  (M) is a 1.5yo Husky. He is currently living with his foster mom in an apartment!

Creston is house trained and crate trained. He is very friendly and loves all people, loves affection and is incredibly playful! He gets along with other dogs and read signals well, especially considering he hasn't had his neuter appointment on intake! He is house and crate trained, but working on manners and basic commands.

Creston can pull sometimes on leash, but a quick reminder is all he needs to fall back beside his people. He absolutely loves his walks and isn't phased by anything! Loud noises, fireworks, cars, bikes, you name it and he's cool as a cucumber! Once he chased a squirrel, but a dog can be a dog sometimes, am I right?! 

Creston currently lives in an apartment building and is content inside. He can be interested in noises from neighbours, but never barks at them, although sometimes he listens at the door! He will be vocal at times when playing with his people, or when he wants attention, but corrects well.


This is what his foster mom has to say about him: 
"He is a lovely young dog who is eager to please and picks up training very quickly. He will need someone who is disciplined and consistent. Creston loves everyone and he is great with other dogs. He is high energy but settles down very nicely inside. Could easily learn to fetch or run next to someone. He loves his people will follow you around to see what's going on, loves cuddles and play time but will relax and crate when needed.


He has some work to do with training but as mentioned he is eager to please so training has not been difficult. Would likely do well in a home with other dogs (someone to play with) or a family so he has lots of people around. He is a Huskie so he can be a bit vocal when he wants something (usually attention) but again easily corrected and will quiet down. Most of the time he lays by my feet as I work but does get a bit roudy in the afternoon so would benefit from a yard or someone at home who could play with him. I've been able to leave Creston to wander through my apartment while I'm home - he does not have any interest in my things and is not destructive at all.


He is getting much better at walking beside me without pulling but will need someone who keeps him in check as he is still learning. No issues with noises (I live on a busy street and nothing seems to phase him -sirens, fireworks, thunder he's good usually will perk up to listen to what's happening but no reaction. I had the vacuum on while he was in his crate and he just stared at it more curious than afraid."

First Impressions:

-Great with dogs

-Unknown with cats

-Unknown with kids (likely good)

-Medium/high energy. Likes to chill with his people but very adventurous.

-Good in crate

-Walks ok on leash with direction, sensitive on transitional but walks perfect with it on

-Loves people, super affectionate (a bit needy)

-Sensitive, takes direction well

-Adventurous and curious

-Good in car

-Takes treats gently

- Needs work on basic training, unfocused

Fun facts:

-Backyard behavior: sniffs, lays by back door, asks people for affection

-First morning impulse: excited, wants affection, jumps up on people, wants to crawl into your soul

-Best traits: Happy guy! Loves people and great with dogs. Affectionate.

-Needs work: Counter surfing, basic manners and commands

-Creston is a rare apple grown locally at Chudley's apple farm in Milton! It is most similar to a Honeycrisp! It's pretty amazing!

Adoption Fee: $500

Vetting: Creston is fully vetted and neutered. He has no known health concerns.

Creston  is being fostered in Toronto, ON.


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