Edward is a 1.5yo Husky X. He currently lives with his foster mom, three senior canine foster siblings and two older kids (9-12yo).


Edward is house and crate trained. He loves to snooze his time away in his crate -- a safe space means a happy pup! Edward is working on his leash manners... mostly, he's just trying to figure out this whole "walking attached to the human" thing and it can all be a bit much. It's all new to him! A furever family that's prepared to help Edward continue to learn and gain confidence in this area will be a must.; he's eager to improve and with consistency, will get the hang of it in no time! Training classes would be great for his continued growth.

Edward LOVES people. Like any dog, he likes to have his personal space at times (who doesn't?!) and appreciates time relaxing to himself... but most of the time, you can find him asking for snuggles from the tiny humans in his foster home. He has yet to meet any cats, but does live with a few guinea pigs that he's passively interested in. He is respectful of the three senior dogs in his home! Edward also enjoys lounging in the backyard at his foster home and simply taking time to enjoy the great outdoors.

Here's what Edward's foster mom has to say about him:

"Edward takes a while to warm up to new people and environments but is super sweet once he does. He often leans into his humans for snuggles and rests his head on our laps for head scratches. He gets along well with the senior dogs that live with him, and mostly just ignores them. He does have some puppy moments where he needs his behaviour corrected. Edward is nervous on a leash, and is working to improve his leash skills. He needs a family that understands he is nervous is new situations and gives him space to get comfortable. Edward is great in his crate, and often goes in for a nap when it's left open, but needs some encouragement (treats) to go in when his humans want. He loves the backyard more than anything and would spend all day lounging in the sun if he has a choice!"



-Good with dogs

-Unknown cats

-Good with kids (currently lives with older kids)

-OK in crate, goes in on his own when left open but needs encouragement (treat) when asked to go in

-Low-medium energy level, has puppy-like moments but mostly low energy

-Independent but affectionate, he loves snuggles and often lays his head on our knees for attention!


Edward is still settling in and getting comfortable in his foster home. He is a bit nervous of his new surroundings, but adjusting well with clear direction. Edward is a sweet man with a calm demeanour. He loves to hang out with other dogs but he is also happy just hanging out with his people in a quiet environment. He does need some help building up his confidence but overall, he is already doing great!

Adoption Fee: $400

Vetting: Edward is fully vetted and on seasonal heartworm preventative. He has no known health concerns.

Edward is being fostered in Woodstock, ON.

Good with Dogs

Good with Kids

Unknown with Cats

Sex: Male

Birthdate: March 7, 2019

Weight: 65lbs


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