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Good/pushy with Dogs

Kids 15+

No Cats

Sex: Male

Birthdate: April 16, 2020

Weight: 75lbs

Empire  (M) is a 1.5yo Lab X Shepherd. He is currently living with his foster parents and 2 canine foster siblings in a detached house!

Empire is house and crate trained. Empire absolutely loves all people, but can act a bit like a full grown puppy and is working on basic manners about not jumping up. He would do best not saying hello to nervous people or young children, as he can be a bit intimidating when he's energetic and reflects the mood of the new people he meets. If they are nervous, he will be nervous, if they are excited, he will be nervous and bark, but does best with calm and confident people. Empire loves his foster family and if he had it his way, he would be getting pets and playing with his people 24/7!

Empire is working on being a bit more respectful and not pushing through doorways, and past people, but is excellent at settling and great in his crate.. Empire benefits from lots of crate time, place training and tethering to maintain a calm mind, as otherwise he can fixate on small noises or movements. Empire loves his people and is quite needy, but would benefit from learning some independence so he doesn't develop unhealthy attachment issues. 

Empire is very food motivated and takes to training well. He is working on his basic commands and doing very well, but needs work on focusing with distractions, duration, impulse control, and being calm. Empire doesn't listen very well with distractions and struggles to be calm in the house when transitioning to a new home. Once he has settled in his home, Empire is calmer and non-destructive.

Outside the home Empire can be anxious and easily 
overstimulated. He is leash reactive to other dogs and needs a lot of reminders to walk loose leash beside his foster parents. Empire has made a lot of progress since coming into care, but needs a lot of work on his leash and walking skills. He is reactive to dogs, cats, small animals and people doing "unusual" things (Empire classifies shoveling snow as "unusual")!

Empire is very rude and overstimulated around other animals, and would do best as the only dog in the home or living with well balanced, calm and patient dogs. Empire lived with two calm and well behaved dogs on intake and at first was lunging at them, but learned to calmly coexist and walk well with them at the end of two weeks. He warmed up quickly to his canine companions in his second foster home, and calmly coexists with them nicely. He needs very slow introductions to new dogs - it is best to work on handler focus drills and ignore other dogs on walks and in public places. 

Empire came into care quite a bit overweight and would tire quickly on walks. He is overstimulated and was taught to pull in his previous home, so he is re-learning leash pressure and to walk beside his people. He often forgets what he is doing and starts pulling ahead, but falls into place easily with a reminder. He is pretty good at ignoring well behaved dogs on the opposite sidewalk, but head-on or boisterous dogs can set Empire off into an anxious frenzy. 

Empire has since achieved a healthy weight and is starting to put muscle on! He is a tall and strong lab, but is medium/lower energy at home. 

Here is what Empire's foster family says about him: 
"Empire is a very happy and loving boy who does best in a very structured environment. Since coming into our home Empire has mastered many commands but his favorite is sit. He is very flexible in his day to day schedule but is his happiest when he is with majority of the household.


Empire enjoys walks and being outside in general. At the beginning of walks he can struggle to stay in a heel position as he is easily distracted by new surroundings. While on walks Empire struggles with reactivity to other dogs as he is easily overstimulated. He is working on basic commands and does very well with them in the home, but can struggle when working on them outside with distractions. As Empire came into care somewhat overweight he is currently getting all his food from training sessions which makes him very motivated to learn.


During the day he is a very chill boy and is a great work from home buddy. He spends majority of his day entertaining himself with toys and napping. Initially he will push boundaries quite a bit to see what he can get away with but once he knows the rules he will not try and break them again.


Overall Empire is a calm sweet boy in the home who enjoys being around his people and giving and receiving love."

Here is what Empire's second foster home had to say about him: 
"Empire is the silliest, most cheerful and affectionate dog. He warms up so well to every once he gets past his intial hesitation (based on their approach to him). He takes on new spaces with an air of confidence because he's just so happy. It truly is infectious. He has a way about him that you may think he's just a classic lab- but hes actually quite clever. He mostly just tries to see if he can get away with seeming dumb, but that's just him being smart because then people let him get away with more. He may to a larger dog (mostly just tall!), but we think it just represents just how big his heart is! He has his behavioral struggles that he needs help with (his dog reactivity), but with a confident and patient handler he will easily succeed and become the best dog someone could dream of having."

Funny quirks: 

Will hop around and prances about- it's very endearing and cute. He throws himself like a rag doll for pets, flips belly up for all the love and affection he can get. He sounds like a vacuum when he takes toys/kongs- it's very humorous He has fully body wiggles when his tail wags and he's very happy to see you He squeezes kongs to get treats out. He will gallop through the house if you call his name and the look of sheer joy when he finds you is amniable

1.5yo male Lab X Shepherd
~80lbs (very overweight)

First impressions:
-Unknown with dogs, insecure, needs proper/slow introductions
-No cats 
-Kids 15+
-Good in crate
-Anxious energy, hyper
-Pulls heavily, learning to walk well on transitional leash
-Anxious/alert personality
-Alert, easily suspicious of strangers
-Can be reactive, needs strong handler who will take a leadership role
-Pushy, will push his weight around to get what he wants and doesn't respect people
-High energy/hyper, but starts to get tired after 20 minutes on a walk (overweight)
-Needs lots of work on training, and structure and boundaries to learn to respect people
-Ok in car, walks around a bit, settles after a while

Fun Facts: 
-First Morning Impulse: Bolt out of crate, run around
-Backyard Behaviour: Sniff everything, calm 
-Best Traits: Goofy and affectionate with his people
-Needs work: Leash skills, introductions to new people, jumping up


Adoption Fee: $500


Mandatory Training: All Taffy's Legacy dogs requires a home that can commit to their training with a professional trainer to set dogs up for success. We have partnered with Training Dogs Online to give Taffy's Legacy adopters 50% off to their lifetime program, however we can also recommend other great local or online programs. Adoptions will not be finalized till we have proof of signing up with a training program that we approve of. 

Vetting: Empire is fully vetted and neutered. He has no known health concerns.

Empire is being fostered in Waterloo, ON.


Check out taffyslegacy.com/faq for answers to more common questions!