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Entropian Surgery

Florence needs an entropian surgery.

Entropion is when the eye-lashes fold in and rub against the eyes, which can be very painful if left untreated. The surgery is simple, just a quick procedure lifting the eyelids so they don't fold down. Mama Florence is currently receiving eye drops multiple times per day and getting cleanings around her eyes while she waits for surgery. 

Unfortunately mama Flo cannot undergo surgery until her puppies are weaned, but we have booked her surgery for June.
Florence's treatment is estimated around $700.

Treatment Updates

March 24, 2023

Florence surrendered to Taffy's Legacy.

April 4th, 2023
Florence's puppies were born!


Treatment Plan

Mama Florence is currently getting eyedrops daily, and has her entropion surgery booked for June 13th. She will require eye drops after surgery, and need to wear a cone for a month while her eyelids heal. 

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