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Training & Development

Taffy's Legacy takes in dogs from many backgrounds, however most of our dogs come from remote northern communities and have had very little, if any, training, and some have never lived in a house before.  We also pull dogs from shelters when we have appropriate foster homes available, although typically dogs from shelters require more experienced foster homes as they may have pre-existing behaviours to work through. 

Our foster homes come from all backgrounds, however a lot of our new foster homes have limited experience working with and training dogs. We pride ourselves with providing all the support our foster homes need to set their foster dogs up for success. 

We have a few wonderful trainers that have put together a comprehensive training program that is perfect for our new intakes, and has been offered to our rescue at a reduced cost to our foster homes. However, we strive to eliminate any additional costs for our foster homes. We would love your support to sponsor our new foster homes to receive training and guidance from our experienced trainers.


Common behaviours that we work with in shelter dogs include leash reactivity, stubborn/pushy behaviours, nervousness, needing proper introductions to new dogs and sometimes separation anxiety. We also work with all of our dogs to crate train them, reduce pulling on leash, discourage jumping up and mouthing, and basic training. We aim to minimize bite-risk dogs in care for the safety of our volunteers and adopters. We are only able to pull dogs from shelters as we have experienced foster homes available, so the more training and development we are able to invest in for our foster homes, the more dogs we are able to save!


The training program costs $100+tax per foster home, but any donation helps!

January 3, 2021

Foster-version for Training Dogs Online approved at reduced price for Taffy's Legacy


February 1, 2021

Currently 6 foster homes onboarded to Training Dogs Online



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