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Sex: Female

Birthdate: September 25, 2019

Weight: ~65lbs

Honeycrisp (F) is a 2yo Husky X. She is currently living with her foster parents by herself with her own fenced yard!

Honeycrisp is house and crate trained, although sometimes she will paw and try to escape cheap crates, but does better in plastic or covered crates. Honeycrisp is a shy but very sweet and loving girl who has some anxiety.  She is very loving, but needs to learn some independence and build confidence. She is initially nervous around other dogs, and prefers to calmly coexist rather than play, but got along well with the dogs are her intake home. She does not want dogs near her while eating or playing with toys. 

Honeycrisp passed her cat test and mostly ignored the practice cat, but will chase if they run. She also did well learning to ignore chickens in her intake home! Although she was initially interested in them, she prefers to focus on her people! She would still need very slow introductions, lots of boundaries and structure and direction around small animals to successfully coexist with them, as would any new dog. 

Honey is very needy and could be a candidate for separation anxiety. She would benefit from confidence building exercises and learning to be independent, rather than feeding into her neediness. She can sometimes pace in the house, and get anxious panting/drooling, so she would benefit from structure and training. 

Here is what her foster parents have to say about her:
"Honey is such a sweet girl! Everyone’s reaction is that she is calm and gentle and always ready to cuddle. She is a people person and loves going on adventures! She can be needy and will need to work on her confidence and practice having alone time so she doesn’t form separation anxiety. She is eager to learn and take direction well. Consistency is key. She loves being outside! That is her safe heaven, calming place. She can lay on a deck or grass all day if you let her! She can be left alone in the house unattended. She is curious but will not go after your food, cords or slippers. Giving her a kong, snuffle mat, bone (something to do) inside the house really helps her settle. She does not like going into a crate however she will settle. She is such a good girl!"

First impressions:

-Good with dogs

-Unknown with cats* (initially we thought she would be too intense with cats, but ignored fenced chickens with minimal direction)

-Unknown with kids (likely good)

-Medium energy

-Takes treats roughly

-Good in crate, takes a minute to settle

- Walks ok on transitional leash, very excited by squirrels and other dogs. Would benefit from working on handler focus to avoid developing leash reactivity

-Very affectionate, loves people, a bit submissive

-Good in car

-Very food motivated, eager for training, picks up things quickly

-Can paw and jump up slowly to 'hug' for affection

-Very submissive, insecure, anxious

Notes from shelter:

-Resource guards food and high value toys from other dogs (not with people). Not observed in foster home, also not fed near other dogs.*

-Barrier reactivity/when dogs are near crate/fence fighting. Not observed in foster home (ok with dogs passing crate, even while she's eating).*

-Loves people!

*Could be not observed because she is still settling in and not showing all of her personality yet, or she wasn't on her best behavior while stressed in a shelter environment.

Adoption Fee: $500


Vetting: Honeycrisp is fully vetted and spayed. She has no known health concerns.

Honeycrisp is being fostered in Cambridge, ON.


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