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Dogs: Good
Kids: Good
Cats: Good
Car: Good
Strangers: Good
Crate Skills: Excellent
Leash Skills: Unknown
Energy Level: Chill, unknown
Confidence with Novelty: Confident
Affectionate: Yes

Best traits: Sweet, easygoing, affectionate, well mannered, chill

Needs work: Unknown

Adoption Fee: $750

Mandatory Training: All Taffy's Legacy dogs requires a home that can commit to their training with a professional trainer to set dogs up for success. We have partnered with Training Dogs Online to give Taffy's Legacy adopters 50% off to their lifetime program, however we can also recommend other great local or online programs. Adoptions will not be finalized till we have proof of signing up with a training program that we approve of. 


Vetting: Jasper is fully vetted and neutered. He has a dislocated hip currently being treated. 

Jasper is being fostered in Delhi, ON.


On Hold

Sex: M
Birthdate: December 7, 2021
Weight: 100lbs

Jasper is a 2yo American Bulldog being fostered in Delhi, Ontario. He currently lives in a detached home with his foster parents, cats and 4 other dogs! 

Jasper came into care as an emergency intake after falling out of a third story window! This poor boy had dislocated a hip, and although he visited an emergency vet and had it reset the same day, it dislocated again about a week later. Despite being in some intense pain when he arrived his tail hasn't stopped wagging, every time someone walks into the room or greets him his tail starts thumping. He loves getting treats and giving kisses. Jasper had Femoral Head Ostectomy (FHO) surgery on May 29th and has 6 weeks of recovery before he is ready for adoption. Follow his treatment updates

Jasper is house and crate trained. He is currently on 6 weeks of crate rest following his FHO, and he is so patient and calm while he is recovering. He doesn't mind the cats and dogs in his foster home walking past his crate, and only barks if someone new arrives, but settles very quickly when asked to stop. He generally sleeps 99% of the time on crate rest. 

Jasper loves all people and is a big lover boy! On arrival this poor guy was screaming in pain and remained gentle and loving every step of the way through some painful moves and appointments. He takes food very gently and has wiggled his way into the hearts of everybody he has met.  This handsome boy is chill and sensitive and wins over everyone he's met so far.

Jasper lives with 4 other dogs and does well with them. His interactions are closely monitored due to his FHO recovery, however he hasn't reacted to any dogs, cats, ducks or chickens walking by and is extremely sweet with people. He is definitely interested, but checks in with his people and follows their direction. 

Jasper is on recovery so we have not taken him on traditional walks, but he can pull a little bit on leash. He is easily corrected and checks in with his people often. If his people are hanging out on the porch he is happy to hang out with them- Jasper is a go with the flow kind of boy! In fact, the more the merrier! Jasper loves being included in gatherings and is happy to meet anyone!

Here is what Jasper's foster mom has to say about him: 

"This boy is near perfect. Jasper is goofy, chill and sweet. He loves rolling in the grass and chilling with his people. He loves car rides, but is reluctant to go into a vet. He shows interest in other animals but does not react inappropriately. I love this dog, he's the one of the best bulldogs I've ever met and his temperament is amazing."

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