TPLO Surgery

Jazzy came into rescue with two torn cruciate ligaments. The big girl came from a home where her owners noticed that she was limping on both back legs, and thought she might have a broken leg but were unable to afford surgery. She was surrendered to a shelter where she was diagnosed with two torn cruciate ligaments. Many shelters are overwhelmed with behavioural and/or medical dogs at this time, so the shelter reached out looking for help from rescues, so Taffy's Legacy took Jazzy on!


Jazzy will be seeing an orthopedic specialist and will likely require surgery as she is a giant breed.Please consider donating to Jazzys TPLO surgeries to live a pain free-life!


A torn cruciate is just like a torn ACL injury in people, and can be very painful to walk or when doing abnormal movements. It can cause the knee joint to be unstable and cause lameness. Some small dogs can sometimes heal without needing surgery, but Lima is recommended surgery due to her size and power. It is also not uncommon for knee injuries in the other leg after a cruciate is torn, as dogs will compensate for pain and put most of their weight on their other leg. 

Jazzy's treatment has an estimated cost over $5000. We would appreciate any support to help cover Jazzy's TPLO surgeries.

December 2021:

Jazzy surrendered to shelter with possible broken leg.


December 22, 2021: 

Jazzy's x-rays diagnosed bilateral anterior cruciate ligament rupture. Surgery recommended. On Meloxicam to manage pain.

February 5, 2022: 
Jazzy transferred to Taffy's Legacy.

February 24, 2022:

Jazzy has her Orthopedic Consultation at Caledon Mountain Vet. Confirmed Bilateral Anterior Cruciate ruptures.

March 24, 2022:
First TPLO surgery.

Jazzy's recovery is going well! She's a tough girl to keep calm and needs lots of mental stimulation! Although she is on leash at all times to prevent running and jumping, she did get into a mud puddle on her mom and LOVED digging in the mud! Her 8 week check up appointment is coming up and we should have an idea of her next surgery then!


Treatment Updates