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Jerry came into care after we saw him posted on a shelter networking page with less than 24 hours to live. As a 9 year old bull terrier with severe allergies, he wasn't getting enough interest from adopters. Luckily our foster coordinator fell in love with his little face and we took him on, and we are so happy we did!

Jerry arrived with open sores all over his body, and his back had been shaved showing pussing welts. We immediately got him into our vet who gave him allergy shots as well as antibiotics to prevent infection for his open wounds, and medicated shampoo and conditioned. We also started him on single-protein limited ingredient food to try to narrow down his allergies. He also had horrible teeth, so we did a dental.


Jerry made an immediate initial recovery, however one month later the allergy shots are wearing off and he is starting to get sores again. We are trying another food first before switching to vet allergy food, which costs $180/bag. 

Jerry's treatment has cost us $1650 so far. 

July 25 

Intake day - all of the drivers who helped Jerry get here say he's the best little guy!

July 29th

Vet Appointment, allergy shots administered


August 25th

Jerry's Dental - he had 2 teeth removed. 

Treatment Updates