Jinkx Monsoon - AVAILABLE




Good with Dogs

Unknown with Kids

Unknown with Cats

Sex: Male

Birthdate: April 9, 2020

Weight: 50lbs

Jinkx is an 10mo Bull Terrier. He currently lives with his foster parents and canine foster siblings! He is looking for a home with breed-specific or behaviorual experience.

Jinkx is house and crate trained. He will bark for attention and can be vocal in his crate, but is making great progress in his foster home and is learning to relax in his crate. In his previous home, Jinkx was given very little in the way of understanding rules and boundaries, and developed some very pushy and demanding behaviours. We had to convince him that furniture is not a trampoline. He may be 10 month old, but he is very immature and displays obnoxious puppy behaviour, jumping, mouthing and general Tom foolery.

Since arriving in care his foster mom has worked on conditioning a sit instead of jumping and mouthing and has introduced him to rules, boundary and structure. This young guy, as wild as he is, has a very sweet temperament and would be well suited for a bull terrier experienced home. He loves training and would benefit from continuing to eat his meals through training. He has made a lot of progress in the last month and with clear communication should mature into a fun loving typical (wild) bull terrier.

Jinkx lives with 2 canine foster brothers, but doesn't seem to care about interacting with them, he prefers human attention. Jinkx pulls quite a bit on a regular leash and is very distracted passing other dogs, but walks better on his transitional leash. On a long leash, Jinkx is pretty good about sticking near his humans, and is quite fussy about quitting the walk early, this boy does not like the cold weather! 

This is what Jinks' foster mom has to say:

"Jinkx is an incredibly sweet and fun boy to work with doing training drills, but will need a very confident and consistent owner willing to put lots of work into him. Luckily, Jinkx loves to learn! With consistent training and very strict structure and boundaries Jinkx will learn to be a wonderful companion, however if you let the little things go he can quickly turn into a demanding and pushy boy. Jinkx needs someone who will work with him and advocate for him, but can be snappy if he feels he is being forced into something he is uncomfortable doing. 

Although Jinkx gets along well with other dogs, he would likely do best as a single-dog in the home so he can get all of the attention. He is a pretty high maintenance boy, and my other two boys can feel left out when Jinkx needs constant direction out of his crate. He absolutely needs firm boundaries like not being let on the furniture, and has no respect for people who try to baby him. He needs a firm but fair home, someone who will have an equal balance of training and fun, but also hold him accountable for pushy behaviour."


-Good with dogs

-Unknown with cats

-Unknown with kids

-Pulls heavily on leash, unfocused

-Vocal, barks for attention

-Good in crate

-LOVES training, has great food drive and needs mental exercise

-Very stubborn and pushy, will need firm owner with bull terrier/power breed experience

Adoption Fee: $500

Vetting: Jinkx is fully vetted and neutered. He has no known medical conditions.

Jinkx is being fostered in Waterloo, ON.

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