Bladder Stones

In April of this year, we took on Junior a 6-year-old bulldog cross. Junior's owner had passed away, and his home was taken over by his owner's relatives, who were violent and neglected the 3 animals in the home. A community member was able to bring Junior and his feline sibling from the home; unfortunately, the bird who was also in the home had already died. At this point, Junior came into our care with symptoms of a urinary tract infection and was severely malnourished. We immediately sought care for Junior and discovered he had significant bladder stones requiring removal (see image below of the removed stones). Since this surgery, there has been some improvement in Junior's condition; however, he continues to have frequent UTIs, requires veterinary urinary food, and is incontinent. We are hoping to raise enough money to cover his medical bills and get this boy back to being a happy and healthy little guy!

Junior's treatment has cost us $2500 so far. 

April 15th

Intake day!

April 16th

Vet appointment, antibiotics prescribed, ultrasound taken - $204.80

May 17th
Bladder stone removal surgery + neuter $1563.72

Jul 23 - $60 - Incontinence Medicine

Aug 12 $180.78 - Urinary Food

Sept 1 $386.43 - UTI Diagnosis, Ear Drops

Sept 6: $111.06 - UTI Medicine

Treatment Updates