TPLO Surgery

Lima came into care in April, and upon receiving her previous vet history we noticed a cruciate concern from when she was young that had never been explored or had x-rays to determine the extent of her injury. Her previous owners were not concerned, but we wanted to get her looked at by the amazing orthopedic specialists at Caledon Mountain Vet to be sure.

Lima was diagnosed as having a torn cruciate at her vet appointment on June 11th. 


A torn cruciate is just like a torn ACL injury in people, and can be very painful to walk or when doing abnormal movements. It can cause the knee joint to be unstable and cause lameness. Some small dogs can sometimes heal without needing surgery, but Lima is recommended surgery due to her size and power. It is also not uncommon for knee injuries in the other leg after a cruciate is torn, as dogs will compensate for pain and put most of their weight on their other leg. 

Lima's treatment has an estimated cost  of $3050. We would appreciate any support to help cover Lima's TPLO surgery and diagnostics.

April 12

Lima arrives in care with a history of an unexplored cruciate injury


June 11

Lima has her consultation appointment with Caledon Mountain Vet, and is diagnosed with a cruciate tear needing surgery

August 17th

TPLO surgery! Lima was a model patient and they loved her!

Lima's recovering went very well! She was good about doing her exercises with her foster mom, although didn't like the whole "restricted exercise" part! 

September 18th - Lima has been adopted! She is so in love with her new family and treated like the queen she is!


Treatment Updates