Injured leg

Nashoba was hit by a car and had surgery to save her leg but is having some serious complications which are now life threatening. She was just surrendered to Taffy's Legacy to get the care she needs to end her pain! 

If you want to donate to help cover the cost of Nashoba's care, please send an e-transfer to us at taffyslegacy@gmail.com

Nashoba's care estimate is $3245. If you would like to help with Nashoba's care, please e-transfer to taffyslegacy@gmail.com. Everything helps, and we really appreciate your support!

May 21

Arrived in care, transported to emergency vet.


May 24

Nashoba has been receiving excellent care in the Mississauga Oakville Veterinary Emergency Hospital and was seen by the surgeon today with good news: we don't think we'll need to amputate her leg! Unfortunately Nashoba does have an infection where she previously had surgery after getting hit by a car, and she does have a large open wound. The plan is to do a vacuum assisted wound closure and regular bandage changes + antibiotics for the next 4-6 weeks to heal properly.


Nashoba is currently on an IV and is expected to stay at the emergency vet for 5 days. The vets say that she is brave and the absolute sweetest girl, and they didn't even have to sedate her for care and bandage changes or any care up till this point.

May 26

Nashoba saw a second surgeon, her original surgeon who saw her when she was hit by a car, and her plate is exactly where the surgeon wants it. They have put a splint and new bandages on, and Nashoba was cleared to go home needing weekly bandage changes at the vet, a BIG cone, and lots of crate rest!


Nashoba is very happy to go to her foster home, is in good spirits and was so good about being lifted into the car. She's not a fan of having bandages, so she needs the big cone to prevent her from taking them off a wee bit too early! Unfortunately we also learned that this isn't Nash's first rodeo at the emergency vet, and that she had been hit by a car in 2018 as well, and that time she had been in to have her pelvis seen. This poor girl just can't catch a break!


Nashoba is now safe at her foster home and settling in well.

June 22
Nashoba's treatment concluded and she was officially adopted by her foster family! 

Treatment Updates