Northern Spy -AVAILABLE

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OK with Dogs

Kids 15+

Iffy with Cats

Sex: Male

Birthdate: December 28, 2018

Weight: 80lbs

Northern Spy  (M) is a 3.5yo German Shepherd mix. He is currently living with his foster parents, two canine siblings, and two cats!

Northern Spy is house and crate trained. 
Northern Spy can be nervous in new situations and around new people, but once he settles in he will be your best friend! Northern Spy is incredibly loyal to his people and loves to please them... almost as much as he loves his ball! To this high energy boy, the ball is life! Northern Spy is ok on leash. He can get overstimulated and slightly reactive passing other dogs, especially if they are starring or pulling towards him.


While Northern Spy loves his people, he can be wary of strangers, especially if they approach him quickly, speak to him, or have any reservations/nervous energy. He has snapped at strangers that did not ignore him on two occasions, and does not do well at the vet office. He is working on his muzzle conditioning for future vet visits as he does not like strange people putting pressure on him. 

Although he can make dog friends, Spy doesn't quite know what to do with dog friends and plays pretty rough. He has a pushy and dominant personality that does not mesh with all other dogs. He would do best with very slow introductions and focus on calmly coexisting rather than interacting right away. He currently lives with two dogs, but is too much playing outside with the ball. He is good walking with them and co-existing in the house. Spy is also living with two cats and their interactions are currently being monitored closely at this time. So far he has been good to ignore them if they are lazing around, but wants to chase if they run.  He would only be able to live with a very confident cat that sets the tone for the relationship.

Spy does best with a calm and assertive handler who can be firm but fair. He needs someone who can confidently advocate for him in new situations and around new people, and remind them to give him space till he is in a relaxed state of mind. He does best meeting new people going for walks together, focusing on ignoring each other for the first bit. He loves training, and would benefit from a furever home that can keep up with his training to appropriately direct his energy.

Spy can easily be brushed, which is good because his long coat picks up everything on his adventures! He will sometimes mouth at the brush, but is not w bite risk to a confident handler. He doesn't love the bath, but tolerates it very well.


Northern Spy says that fetch is a required daily activity in his furever home! Here is what his foster parents have to say about him: 

"Northern Spy is a very handsome boy! He easily wins "best smile" award, even after his recent dental surgery! He's very playful, bouncy and puppy-like. He will chase a ball around for hours (or whenever you get too tired to throw it for him!) He's very sweet and cuddly once he gets to know you and will be very loyal to his family. He's incredibly smart and is eager to please and learn when it comes to training. He needs regular grooming due to his long, fluffy coat but fortunately he likes being brushed and will give you kisses as a thank-you! Spy is an overly confident dog and needs an assertive, confident owner to bring out the best in him. He needs proper introductions to new people or dogs and needs an advocate to make sure people don't rush him into situations he's uncomfortable with. If you're looking to work with a dog who is eager to learn, loves to play and will be your best friend (and has show-stopping good looks), Spy is your guy!"

First Impressions:
-Good with dogs, needs proper introductions
-Unknown with cats (likely not good)
-Good with kids, older preferred
-Good in crate, sometimes whines with activity
-Pulls heavily on leash to pee/sniff, walks well on transitional leash
-OK in car, paces a bit but settles after a while
-Aloof/suspicious of strangers. Ignores people on walks, prefers slow introductions with new people meeting him
-Very loyal and affectionate with his people
-Loves training, very smart. Food and play motivated
-Ball is life!
-Higher energy
-Happy go lucky and adventurous personality once he is comfortable
-Tolerant of brushing and baths - which is good because he sheds a lot and likes to investigate the burr bushes!
-Takes treats gently

Fun Facts:
-First Morning Impulse: Trot around room, drink water
-Backyard Behaviour: Find ball and play with it, bring ball to human.
-Best Traits: Loyal, affectionate with his people, great training drive, smart
-Needs work: Leash skills, introductions to new people, jumping up
Quirks: Picks up rocks

Spy had a  few broken teeth, likely from chewing rocks, and had dental surgery with 3 extractions. Please consider donating to Northern Spy's Dental Surgery!

Adoption Fee: $500

Vetting: Northern Spy is fully vetted and neutered.  He has no other known health concerns.

Northern Spy  is being fostered in Waterloo, ON.


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