O'Malley is a 4yo Lab X. He currently lives with his foster parents and two canine foster siblings.


O'Malley is fully crate trained and house trained. He happily runs into his crate when his foster parents leave for work as he’s always rewarded with his favourite stuffed frozen Kong.  O’Malley has learned over 20 commands in foster care and is a very eager learner.  Continued training will be a must when it comes to keeping him mentally stimulated, building a bond and learning more about communicating with him clearly! O'Malley has great leash walking skills (on the transitional slip lead) and knows to stay right beside his humans... pulling is for amateurs! He will perk up when he sees wild critters but doesn’t pull at them.  O’Malley loves to meet other dogs and does very well when approached by off leash dogs.  He can however exhibit frustration/reactive behaviour when closely passing other dogs on leash that he’s not allowed to meet.  This can involve loud barking and some pulling.  O’Malley’s foster mom is working on this issue by redirecting him with food and rewarding calm behaviour. O’Malley also LOVES to play with toys and is an excellent travel companion.

O'Malley loves his people, but can be quite weary/nervous of strangers (especially men). He needs time and space to get used to new friends and an experienced handler who will advocate for him in situations where he is uncomfortable. He has met some new visitors inside of his foster home and hasn't had problems with them, but is always given the opportunity to meet them on his own terms. His foster parents are careful to ensure positive interactions, and if O'Malley shows signs of fearfulness (barking, growling or tense body language) they know it's not the right time for him to meet anyone. Though he has improved a lot as he has gained confidence in his foster parents, O'Malley's 'stranger danger is not a behavioural that will be 'fixed' or fully go away. He will always need proper introductions and management with strangers.


Though having one eye is an adjustment for O'Malley, he is learning how to navigate his space. Having a 'blind side' makes it extra important that his furever humans are prepared to advocate for him and his nervousness as he can be startled more easily when he doesn't know what's coming.

 Here's what O'Malley's foster mom has to say about him:

"I understand that many people will be drawn to O’Malley because of his adorable looks and one eye. We too find him to be irresistibly cute, but I urge those who have fallen in love with the cute boy in the pictures to look at the whole dog. While O’Malley has so many great things going for him, he also has issues that need to be taken very seriously.  He requires a family with the experience to manage them so that they do not regress or escalate.

Once he knows you O’Malley is incredibly sweet.  Anytime we sit on the floor O’Malley runs over to make sure he doesn’t miss out on any cuddles or pets.  He generally wants to be in the same room as his people but is also capable of being independent.  He is so quiet in his crate and good at holding his place command we have occasionally forgotten about him.


O’Malley is being fostered in a quiet, rural area so his structured walks are a pleasure.  On occasion he has been walked in busier settings and this requires us to be a lot more vigilant about his surroundings.  O’Malley does well when walking down busy sidewalks as he’s encouraged to focus on his people with food.  If, however someone rushes up to him or startles him from behind he will bark and lunge.  His new family will need to be prepared with food on hand to manage this behaviour and also be aware that O’Malley’s behaviour will scare people.  

We have few visitors to our home but with proper introductions O’Malley has done well.  We clearly advocate for him and direct strangers to ignore him so that he is able to approach them when he is ready.  O’Malley is now very relaxed around our friends and neighbours he has met repeatedly.  

O’Malley is a very active dog.  We dedicate about 2 hours a day to his physical and mental exercise.  His favourite activities include long hikes in the bush, swimming in the lake, fetch, tug, wrestling with his canine foster sisters and working for his food.  O’Malley can adrenalize quickly and get jumpy and mouthy while playing fetch but is now much better at remaining calm. His family will have to be comfortable with de-escalating/managing this behaviour if it occurs.

When he first arrived, O’Malley did not tolerate having his nails clipped.  With practice, time and patience we are now able to clip them without a muzzle, using treats only.  His family will have to be very patient and willing to continue working on making the procedure a positive one. O’Malley has also demonstrated some resource guarding when chewing on high value treats.  With practice (rewarding him with treats anytime we approached him while he was engaged with bone etc), time, patience and vigilant management (around his canine siblings) this behaviour has been eliminated in our home. Again, O’Malley will need a family with the experience to ensure this behaviour is managed appropriately.

O’Malley has not had any significant interactions with children however he has been exposed to the them in public settings and their unpredictable movements/behaviours are not well tolerated.  If a child quickly approaches him asking to pet him, he will bark and lunge.  Again, he can be easily redirected with food but if there will be child visitors in his new home, we would suggest that he be muzzled.  O’Malley is very well muzzle trained.  

O’Malley’s ideal home will be adults only and very active.  It will also have few visitors and a canine companion (or two), or nearby canine friends to play with. O’Malley is much more at ease in a rural setting.  If his new family is in a city, he will need a lot of time and patience to adjust."

Adoption Fee: $400

Vetting: O'Malley is fully vetted and on seasonal heartworm preventative. Other than only having one eye, he has no known health concerns.


O'Malley is being fostered in Bruce Peninsula, ON.

Good with Dogs

Older Kids

Okay with Cats

Will need guidance through the transition!


Birthdate: July 23, 2015

Weight: 60lbs


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