Peggy is a 1yo Lab X. She currently lives with her foster mom and one canine foster sibling.

Peggy is house and crate trained. Sometimes, if there's action happening in the house, Peggy can take a few minutes to settle into her crate, but it's smooth sailing from there! She sleeps through the night without any problems.

Peggy is a little bit wary of men at first but warms up once she gets to know them. She gets along well with dogs and knows how to play properly; she will also let her pals know when she's had enough rough-n-tumble for the day, which is a good trait to have ;). She's an avid fan of chewing and loves to rip apart her toys!

Peggy walks well on leash and is only mildly excited by small animals scurrying by. That being said, she does well with cats and could live in a home with friends of the feline variety. She largely ignores other dogs and humans who pass her! Peggy's biggest training focus? Finding her inner 'calm.' Her foster mom is working with her on commands like 'place' to help her out, and she's looking for a furever home to help her continue on this path! She would thrive with further training to help her perfect her skills.

Here is what Peggy's foster mom has to say about her:

"Peggy is a food-motivated, loveable lab mix looking for her forever home! Peggy is SUPER affectionate and will either try to curl up in your lap or lean into you for the best cuddles. She definitely still has the puppy energy and needs both mental and physical stimulation, but with this comes an eagerness to learn! Peggy can get overstimulated when food is involved, but never jumps up on people or pushes her boundaries. Peggy is thriving with a solid routine so she knows what to expect and when to stay calm. Peggy would be a great addition to any active household that is looking for a four legged best friend!"



- Good with most dogs

- Good with cats

- Likely good with older children

- Good in crate at night, takes a bit to settle in crate during the day

- Pulls a bit on leash

- Calm on walks but very excited by squirrels

- High energy level but can relax if you are

- Very affectionate (a huge suck!) and wants to be where ever you are!


Peggy is a food-motivated , loveable lab mix looking for her forever home! She can easily get overstimulated, but will also curl up at your feet for a while when she's ready to relax. Peggy is an incredible girl who loves to play! If there are other dogs around she is more then happy to be the one to get the party started and she will also be the last one standing. She is great in her crate but is working on her leash manners and learning that jumping on people is not okay.

Adoption Fee: $400

Vetting: Peggy is fully vetted and on seasonal heartworm preventative. She has no known health concerns.

Peggy is being fostered in Guelph, ON.


Good with Dogs

Good with Kids

Unknown with Cats

Sex: Female

Birthdate: September 7, 2018

Weight: 65lbs


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