Pushy with Dogs

Older Kids

No Cats

Sex: Male

Birthdate: June 4, 2020

Weight: ~60lbs

Pringle  (M) is a 1yo American Bully. He is currently living with his foster mom in an apartment building. 

Pringle is house and crate trained. Pringle loves all new people, but often  shows that he loves them in inappropriate ways like jumping up, mouthing, and rolling over and kicking at people. He is working on learning to accept affection calmly through only receiving affection when he's in a calm state of mind, and intention affection. Since Pringle is incredibly fast, strong, and easily overstimulated, he would do best in a home without children. Pringle doesn't have an aggressive bone in his body, but he has caused many accidental injuries with his everyday boisterous personality. 

Pringle is a high energy dog and enjoys his walks. He walks well on his transitional leash, although will pull heavily on a flat leash/collar. He will sometimes bite his leash in a puppy-fit, but mostly is enjoyable to walk. His foster mom even took him rollerblading once! Pringle is looking for a home that can give him lots of physical and mental exercise. 

Pringle is good with other dogs, but can be exuberant and play rough which not all other dogs appreciate. On leash he will walk well beside other dogs, and is interested but will move on passing dogs from walks - even reactive dogs! 

Pringle is putting a lot of work intro training and loves training. He is a very smart boy and knows all his basic commands - sit, down, stay, come, and go to place/crate. Pringle is currently being fed all his food through training, and needs a future home committed to continuing his strict training regime. Without structure, Pringle will try to be the leader and push his weight around, he needs a future family that can dedicate a lot of energy to him to reward all his good choices, and interrupt his poor choices. 

Here is what his foster mom has to say about him: 

"Pringle is an extremely happy dog. Too happy at times - his idea of showing his happiness often includes jumping up, mouthing, and sprinting around! He's also extremely stubborn and knows how to throw his body weight around. He does better in a calm environment and is easily over stimulated. Pringle is a snoozer though, if things are quiet, he's happy to snore away. He loves to meet people and thinks everyone is great. He's also a very smart and loves to work for his food. A great adventure buddy." 



-Good/pushy with dogs (typical bulldog- not all dogs will appreciate his energy and body language)

-No Cats

-Kids over 15 who will actively participate in training

-Good in crate

-Not great in car (energetic, distracting, bounces around, whines)

-Pulls heavily on leash, learning to walk well on transitional leash and learning about leash pressure. Will try to chew the leash on occasion.

-Very high energy

-Easily overstimulated

-Affectionate, but gets overstimulated, needs intentional affection in a calm manner when he is calm. Can be mouthy when overstimulated.

-Food motivated, enjoys training

-Destructive with toys, chews when bored

-Takes treats gently

-Puppy behavior in a full grown strong body

-First morning impulse: sprint around, jump on people

-Backyard behavior: sniffs, likes chasing toys but has little interest once they stop moving, likes chewing on deck

Best traits: smart, great training drive, learns quickly, very happy, loves people

Needs work: training, jumping up, counter surfing, polite door thresholds, pushing his weight around, respecting boundaries, receiving affection calmly

Pringle didn't receive much training growing up and had very little structure or boundaries. He is really overstimulated, and used ton pushing his weight around, pulling on leash, and blowing off commands. Pringle is looking for an owner with power breed experience who can provide strict structure and boundaries and commit to his training. He does well with clear communication, and is turning into a better behaved boy every day in his foster home. He would do best in a calm home that can provide lots of physical and mental exercise. He acts like a 4 month old puppy pushing the limits.

Adoption Fee: $500

Vetting: Pringle is fully vetted and neutered. He has no known health concerns.

Pringle is being fostered in Waterloo, ON.


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