RUPaul - Available


OK with Dogs

Older Kids

No Cats

Sex: Male

Birthdate: January 1, 2015

Weight: ~65lbs

RuPaul is a 6yo Shepherd X. He currently lives with his foster parents and has the house all to himself!

Ru is house and crate trained. He does well with other well behaved dogs after very slow proper introductions and LOVES his people so much that he does jump up on them occasionally - oops! RuPaul hasn't met any children in foster case and hasn't given any reason that he wouldn't be good with kids, as long as the adults can set the expectations and teach him to be calm and not jump on smaller humans, and teach the smaller humans to be calm around him!

On leash, RuPaul is reactive to other dogs, but is otherwise happy to trot along at his own pace. He can pull on leash sometimes, but does well with his transitional slip leash. Ru can be calm and loves to nap in the house, but outside he can be up for any adventure!

RuPaul is well behaved but would benefit from a home that continues his training and building his confidence, especially on leash! RuPaul can be nervous at times, especially around loud noises and quick movements. He can also be pushy about getting what he wants, like trying to get on the furniture or getting bum rubs - although doesn't that just sound like the life?!

Here is what his foster mom has to say about him:
"RuPaul is a super sweet mature pup who absolutely loves his humans. His greatest joys are walks, car rides, looking out the window, treats and bum scratches. Ru is well behaved and his biggest opportunities are his reactivity and jumping on people. His best traits however are that he is the best work from home buddy! His snuggles are heartwarming (in his opinion he is a lap dog and will sit on your lap), he is gentle to take treats, responds well to correction, super quiet in his crate, love to play a good game of tug and best of all shows no signs of being mischievous (if he’s missing he’s either on his bed or looking out the window). His training is going well we are seeing some progress but we’ve had to hold off for a little bit because of his surgery so stay tuned for his updates! He’s a super chill pup who will make his forever people beyond happy."


-OK with dogs (needs slow, proper introductions)

-Unknown with cats

-Unknown with kids (likely fine)

-Good in crate

-Pulls heavily on leash, learning to walk well on transitional

-Reactive to dogs on leash, undersocialized

-Medium energy

-Backyard behavior: sniffs around

-First morning impulse: big stretch, asks for pets, sniffs around

-Best traits: loves people, takes treats gently

-Worst traits: anxious, leash reactivity

Stay tuned to learn more about RuPaul!

Adoption Fee: $500

Vetting: Ru is fully vetted and neutered. RuPaul had a Grade 1 soft tissue sarcoma removed in January. The  surgery was successful in removing the entire tumor and it is not expected to re-appear. Under veterinary advice, no further medical action is needed at this time. To learn more, visit his donations page.

RuPaul is being fostered in Waterloo, ON.



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