Cancer Treatment

RuPaul came into care in January, and upon arriving in care we noticed a 1.5 inch mass on his back right knee. We quickly booked RuPaul into our vet to do a cytology, mass removal and biopsy. 

RuPaul had a successful surgery on January 30th and is recovering well at his foster home. He isn't loving having to wear a cone in the house, but is doing a great job resting with his foster mom, sprawled on his dog bed and enjoying all the post-surgery snuggles!


RuPaul was diagnosed as having a Grade 1 Soft Tissue Sarcoma, but fortunately the tumor was localized and vet has removed all the affected cells. RuPaul's diagnostics report he is at low risk for cancer to have spread elsewhere.

RuPaul's treatment has cost $1350. We would appreciate any support to help cover RuPaul's mass removal surgery and diagnostics.

January 25

RuPaul receives Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology


January 27

RuPaul undergoes routine Complete Blood Test to prepare for surgery

January 29

RuPaul undergoes mass removal surgery

Mass is sent out for Biopsy

February 5

Taffy's Legacy receives biopsy results

RuPaul is expected to recover well - no further action is recommended at this time 

February 12
RuPaul gets his stiches out and received a thumbs up for good health from the vet

Treatment Updates


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