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Selective with Dogs

Kids 15+

No Cats

Sex: Male

Birthdate: December 21, 2016

Weight: ~50lbs

Shon is a 4yo Lab X. He currently lives with his foster parents in an apartment building!

Shontay has done great with the new people he has met so far (though of course there have not been a large number of them -- just passers-by in his apartment building). Indoors, as long as people are calm around him then he matches that behaviour -- he is quite indifferent to new or unknown humans. Shon loves to be near his people and shows a lot of affection once he knows you. He does not mind being touched or handled by us and even enjoys being dried off after a walk.

Outdoors, Shon is very overstimulated -- he's so distracted by every thing else around him, he doesn't have time for any humans! He has leash reactivity when he sees other dogs (becomes visibly stressed, whines, and becomes very ansty); lucky for him, his foster parents have a lot of experience and are working with him to improve in this area! He can get along well with other dogs after slow, proper introductions. Shontay is easily stressed in high-activity environments like big cities, and would not do well living in a city like Toronto. 

Shon is very motivated and takes direction well. His basic obedience is coming along nicely and he will continue to thrive with further training and structure! He is a bolter, so be aware of any open doors... he'll try to make his move if he has the chance!

Here is what Shontay's foster parents have to say about him:

"Shontay is a sweet, affectionate pup who has been a fantastic co-worker during these work from home days. He is truly an angel indoors - quiet and calm, will play when you play, but will also stop when you stop. He loves to cuddle but is not pushy for attention and will only come for snuggles once he is invited. Shonny continues to open up and show more of his personality each day (which could be described as 'loveable goof'). Outdoors, Shontay gets very distracted and overstimulated with all the sights and smells. He is leash reactive to other dogs, but has already shown some improvement in his short time here! He is fantastic with training and eager to please, so with consistency and patience, Shonny could certainly learn to ignore other dogs when on leash. He is a sweet (and very very soft) little bean who will certainly make a wonderful addition to his future furever home!"



~50lbs (overweight)

-OK with dogs ( needs very slow proper introductions, uncomfortable/tense)

-Unknown with cats

-Unknown with kids (would do best in calm home)

-High energy

-Leash reactive to dogs, cars, bikes

-Good in crate

-Escape artist, can escape flat collars and harnesses. Good with martingale collar and slip leash

-Pulls on leash

-Very smart, loves training. Knows sit, down, crate

-Anxious disposition

-Well behaved indoors, high prey drive outdoors

-First morning Impulse: Sprint around

-Backyard behavior: sprint around


Adoption Fee: $500.00 (Includes mandatory training program fee)*


Training fee: Shontay requires a home that can commit to his training with a professional trainer. We have included the training fee for our training program in his adoption fee, Training Dogs Online.

Vetting: Shontay is fully vetted and neutered. He has no known health concerns.

Shontay is being fostered in Waterloo, ON.


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