Good/Selective with Dogs

No Kids

No Cats

Sex: Female

Birthdate: October 29, 2018

Weight: 80lbs

Sierra (F) is a 3yo Cane Corso X. She is currently living with her foster parents, and canine foster brothers!

Sierra is house trained and crate training. She can be vocal in her crate when she is left alone, but has been doing better and better every day. She is very smart and picks up training easily, and loves to please her people. Sierra knows all her basic commands and is working on holding them for longer - her favorite command is "place", or go to your dog bed and nap! She is also muzzle conditioned for vet visits. 

Sierra is nervous of new people and is looking for an experienced owner that can advocate for her around people and dogs - this will be a lifetime commitment. Sierra is very nervous of new people and being approached, and prefers for people to ignore her and let her come up to them. Even making eye contact is too much pressure for her comfort zone. Once she is comfortable with her people, Sierra loves to please and is quite bouncy, wiggly and silly. Due to her nervousness around people and fast movements, Sierra would not be a candidate for living with children. 

Sierra is selective with dogs and would do best as an only-dog, unless her experienced owner has a well balanced dog with excellent obedience to manage their interactions. Sierra had been fighting with the senior dog in her previous home, and can be pushy with her older grouchy foster brother. She gets along well with her easy-going younger foster brother and is good at ignoring her foster brothers in a well managed and structured house. She has a bold and pushy play style with her younger brother that not all other dogs appreciate.

Sierra loves her walks and is quite well behaved on structured walks wearing her transitional leash with a confident handler, although she was leash reactive in her previous home that did not provide direction. She is good at ignoring squirrels, most people and other dogs, although does get overstimulated when small dogs bark at her. 

Here's what Sierra's foster parents have to say about her:

"Sierra can be a great dog with the right owners, or she could be a bite risk mess that is labelled as aggressive. She needs owners who are going to commit to training daily and can advocate for her in all social situations for the rest of her life. Notes from Sierra's previous vet indicated that she was an aggressive dog lunging at people and dogs in the parking lot, however she was fantastic with me when we took her for her spay appointment. In the 3 weeks leading up to her appointment we conditioned her to be comfortable wearing her muzzle, we did a lot of walks and practiced obedience in front of the vet office, and practiced collar grabs (me, not strangers), and she did great!


Sierra is nervous of new people and would not do well around children as they tend to move quickly and won't respect her space. She is insecure and will growl if strangers put pressure on her (no talk, no touch, no eye contact!). She can also be insecure with other dogs as well, and would not do well in a home with a needy, guardy, or possessive dog. Sierra has settled in quite well at our home and has shown her happy wiggly personality! Although Sierra can be quite goofy and loves to jump around and wiggle outside, she LOVES napping on her dog bed inside. She loves playing with our 3yo dog who is anxious on walks, but happy-go-lucky in the house, but can get defensive around our 9yo golden who has some resource guarding. We manage their environment and interactions to avoid conflict. Sierra would probably be best as an only-dog, unless she goes to a home with an easy-going dog with close-to-perfect obedience to manage their interactions.


Sierra is wonderful on leash and loves training! She is a wonderful girl in our home and we love fostering her! She picks up training very quickly and loves to please. As long as she is set up for success in her environment and can be advocated for, she will be an amazing addition!"



-Good/selective with dogs, needs proper introductions*

-No cats

-No kids

-Very nervous, does not like being approached/touched. May snap if forced.

-Nervous of strangers, needs strong advocate

-Good in crate, takes a minute to settle

-Needs work on leash, will bolt if startled

-Good in car

-Takes food gently

-Needs to be muzzled for vet

-Great food drive, enjoys training

-Favorite Activity: Being nosy during dinner prep

-First Morning Impulse: Stretches, greets her people

-Backyard behavior: wanders, sniffs, lays down

-Best traits: Quiet, lower energy

-Needs work: Building confidence, socialization, learning its on to be touched

*Sierra was getting into fights with female dog at previous home, but is doing well with her calm foster brothers

Sierra is looking for a home with behavioral and power breed experience. She will need a lot of training and an owner that can advocate for her for life.

Adoption Fee: $500

Vetting:  Sierra is fully vetted and spayed. She has no known health concerns.

Sierra is being fostered in Waterloo, ON.



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