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Good with Dogs

Older Confident Kids

Unknown with Cats

Sex: Male

Birthdate: May 1, 2019

Weight: ~20lbs

Tostito (M) is a 2yo Jack Russel X. He is currently living with his foster parents and regularly socializes with older and younger people in the neighbourhood. 

Tostito is house and crate trained. Once he is in his crate, he is a quiet boy and you could almost forget he's there, although he will bark with high activity.  Outside his crate he is a happy curious boy and likes to sniff around. He can be vocal meeting new people and jump up. Tostito loves everyone he meets, young and old!

Tostito is good on leash and walks well with the transitional slip leash on his nose, but pulls heavily on a regular flat collar. He has a high prey drive and likes to chase squirrels, but will ignore other dogs on walks. He also will bark at bikes and scooters passing. He likes to have his nose to the ground when he can!

Tostito is very playful and loves training! His favorite thing to do is interact with his people! He knows all his basic commands (sit, come, down, crate on command, and drop it), and would thrive in a home that continues to challenge him mentally, or even do dog sports like agility!

Tostito is good with dogs, although he can be pushy and get in their space. He prefers playing with patient dogs that aren't easily offended. Due to his prey drive and pushiness, he may not be a good fit for a home with cats. Tostito is a high energy little adventure buddy looking for an active home to keep him busy and challenge him mentally!

This is what Tostito's foster parents have to say about him: 
"Overall he is such a playful, friendly, smart dog... don’t forget that cute face! He loves to run around outside (closed fence) and loves playing/exploring by himself or playing fetch with you. After playtime he enjoys having naps throughout the day. Consistency is key, he will need someone to set boundaries and practice keeping them or he will flash those puppy eyes to try to get his way (ie. paws on the couch- however he loves when you sit beside him on the floor). He is active and will need someone to keep him busy (kong, snuffle mat, bones, ball or rope) or he will look for things to occupy him. He listens and loves training (food driven) as long as there isn’t any curious smells or a dog barking to get his attention. Lastly he loves armpit scratches as he stretches in the morning and when he exits his crate and cuddles only at nighttime. He is ready for a furever home because he has SO much love to give."


-Good/pushy with dogs

-Unknown with cats

-Good with kids 

-Initially nervous with new people

-Good in crate, goes in on command

-Needs work on leash, pulls a lot to start, learning to walk well on transitional leash

-High energy, very fast

-Takes food gently

-Great food drive, enjoys training

-Jumps up on people

-Typical beagle mix - follows his nose! Escape risk

-Favorite activity: sniffing

-First morning impulse: push out of crate, sprint around

-Backyard behavior: sniff everything

-Best traits: enjoys training, curious

-Needs work: general training, leash skills

Adoption Fee: $500

Vetting: Tostito is fully vetted and neutered. He has no known health concerns.

Tostito is being fostered in London, ON.


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