Okay with Dogs

Unknown (Older) with Kids

Unknown with Cats

Sex: Female

Birthdate: August 2, 2019

Weight: 50lbs

Vanjie is a 1.5yo Akita X. She currently lives with her foster parents, two young  kids and 3 teenage kids, and a canine foster sister. 

 is house and working on her crate training. She can be vocal in her crate when she is left alone and when she hears noises in the house. She has a bold and pushy play style with dogs that not all other dogs appreciate, and doesn't always listen to social cues. Vanjie is working on ignoring her canine foster sister indoors to set them up for success down the road. She LOVES people and is quite pushy about getting attention, her foster parents are teaching her to be more appropriate when asking for affection. Vanjie does not like being left alone at home and can be very vocal when left alone. 

On leash, Vanjie likes to pull heavily and is very alert about people and dogs in the neighbourhood. She will occasionally bark at other dogs, and is not easy to redirect back to her people. Vanjie is doing well learning loose leash walking indoors, and will need a furever home comitted to working on her training. She is very smart, but can be stubborn and will push boundaries if she thinks she can get away with it. 

Vanjie enjoys playing in the backyard with her soccer ball. She loves her food and can eat and drink very fast which causes her to puke, but her foster home is helping manage her intake by only offering water in small portions after meals. 

Here's what Janjie's foster parents have to say about her:
"Vanjie is sweet, and highly motivated to please when in a low distraction environment. She can be very stubborn when she sets her mind to something which requires a degree of patience and a lot of consistency.


Vanjie is energetic, and enjoys playing chase as well as settling in with a chew toy. She REALLY likes to stay close to her humans and prefers not to be left alone as she’s got a very alert and active mind. Vanjie likes petting and cuddling but also requires some boundaries because she can be pushy -if you give her an inch, she'll take a mile! She learns VERY quickly and is highly food motivated which makes training fun, and rewarding.


Vanjie struggles on traditional walks because of her alertness to the environment and her drive to do things her way. When given the opportunity to train on her walking in quieter environments, she does really well and she loves being out on a long line where she can sniff and explore as well as play with a ball."



-OK with dogs (needs to learn manners, pushy play style) Not all other dogs will appreciate how Vanjie interacts with them

-Unknown with cats

-OK with kids- best if interactions are monitored

-Pulls heavily on leash, needs to work on leash skills

-Vocal when left alone

-High energy

-Needs to work on manners, jumps up often, pushy with dogs

-Need to work on training, doesn't listen if she doesn't have to, although very smart. Can be manipulative.

-Escape artist

-Bad habits: vocal, stubborn, jumps up, constant attention seeking whining at the kennel

-Best traits: affectionate with people

Adoption Fee: $500

Vetting: Vanjie is fully vetted and spayed . She has no known medical conditions.

Vanjie is being fostered in Kitchener, ON.

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