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Photos by FotoFerg.By Design @Fotoferg

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Sex: Female

Birthdate: August 2, 2019

Weight: 50lbs

Vanjie is a 2yo Akita X. She currently lives at a kennel in Delhi, Ontario where she gets to play with dog friends, and engage in daily training.

Vanjie is house and working on her crate training. She can be vocal in her crate when she is left alone and when she hears noises in the house, but she is doing much better with 8 months of structure in her foster home. Vanjie is learning to be relaxed with activity in the house.


Vanjie is easily overstimulated and can be rude with other dogs. Vanjie is working on ignoring her canine foster sister indoors to set them up for success down the road. Vanjie has made a few dog friends that she can calmly coexist with and play with while being managed and separated if play gets to be too much. Akita's tend to not do well with the same sex dogs, and tend to be too much for submissive or shy dogs. 

Vanjie LOVES people and is quite pushy about getting attention, her foster parents are teaching her to be more appropriate when asking for affection, and that jumping up is not appropriate. She is doing a great job learning boundaries, but would benefit from a future home that can continue her training. 

On leash, Vanjie has worked very hard with her foster dad to learn about leash pressure and not to pull. She is very alert about people and dogs in the neighbourhood, and used to be reactive on leash, but now can easily be redirected back to her person. She sometimes still reacts if an excitable dog is pulling towards her, but has made so much progress in care! Vanjie will still need a furever home committed to working on her training and continuing the work her foster home has put in so she doesn't regress. She is very smart, but can be stubborn and will push boundaries if she thinks she can get away with it.

Vanjie enjoys playing in the backyard with her soccer ball. She is very playful, loves toys, and loves when all the attention is on her! She can be jealous of other dogs or other's getting attention. She can develop strong attachments to her people, which could lead to separation anxiety if she is coddled. Structure and boundaries make Vanjie a great dog! 

Here's what Vanjie's foster parents have to say about her:
"Vanjie is sweet, and highly motivated to please when in a low distraction environment. She can be very stubborn when she sets her mind to something which requires a degree of patience and a lot of consistency.


Vanjie is energetic, and enjoys playing chase as well as settling in with a chew toy. She REALLY likes to stay close to her humans and prefers not to be left alone as she’s got a very alert and active mind. Vanjie likes petting and cuddling but also requires some boundaries because she can be pushy -if you give her an inch, she'll take a mile! She learns VERY quickly and is highly food motivated which makes training fun, and rewarding.


Vanjie struggles on traditional walks because of her alertness to the environment and her drive to do things her way. When given the opportunity to train on her walking in quieter environments, she does really well and she loves being out on a long line where she can sniff and explore as well as play with a ball.

Vanjie is a sweet dog who needs boundaries and a lot of accountability. She has learned how to calm down and be left for short periods of time (going downstairs to the bathroom from office) and will tolerate and settle. She needs a home without other dogs because the level of management to keep dogs separate is extensive and cannot be overlooked making it much more enjoyable for a pet parent to enjoy her. Vanjie loves to train and picks up tasks quickly. She's a happy girl who will play, run, walk but also has learned how to settle and just be calm in a home environment. She loves being outside and investigating the world around her, laying and twisting herself in the grass brings her happiness for sure. It would be important for Vanjie to have dedicated pet parents who have previous experience with dogs who are strong minded and pushy. She would not be a great fit for a novice dog owner."

Vanjie has bitten bitten her secondary caregiver on two occasions, once when she was swatted at for playing with feet, and the second time when she was zooming around the house and her collar was grabbed. While Vanjie had an excellent relationship with her foster dad who regularly walked her and did training, Vanjie did not deal well with conflict from her foster mom. Akita's tend to bond closely with one person, and may not take direction or do well with conflict with others. 


-Would do best as the only dog in the house (needs to learn manners, pushy play style) Not all other dogs will appreciate how Vanjie interacts with them

-Unknown with cats

-OK with kids- best if interactions are monitored

-Pulls heavily on leash, needs to work on leash skills

-Vocal when left alone

-High energy

-Needs to work on manners, jumps up often, pushy with dogs

-Need to work on training, doesn't listen if she doesn't have to, although very smart. Can be manipulative.

-Escape artist

-Bad habits: vocal, stubborn, jumps up, constant attention seeking whining at the kennel

-Best traits: affectionate with people

Adoption Fee: $669.50 (Includes mandatory training program fee)*


Training fee: Vanjie requires a home that can commit to her training with a professional trainer. We have included the training fee for our training program in his adoption fee, Training Dogs Online, however we can reimburse the fee if you have signed up with your own trainer that we approve of.

Vetting: Vanjie is fully vetted and spayed . She has no known medical conditions.

Vanjie is being fostered in Delhi, ON.

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