Willow - ON HOLD

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Good with Dogs

Unknown with Kids

Unknown with Cats

Sex: Female

Birthdate: March 5, 2019

Weight: ~65lbs

Willow (F) is a 2.5yo German Shepherd. She is currently living with her foster parents in a townhouse.

First Impressions:

-Good with dogs, sniffs them then ignores them, gives appropriate cues, not interested in wrestling

-Unknown with cats (likely not good)

-Unknown with kids, (likely older preferred)

-Knows sit, down, and come. Introducing marker language to strengthen commands

-Good in crate, settles quickly, will whines with activity, getting used to the environment, and in the morning when she hears you are awake

-Pulls heavily on leash to sniff

-OK in car, whines a bit

-Very excited about people and will jump up and bonk you in the face, working on appropriate greetings

-Very affectionate with people

-Paces in the house and seaks attention

-Play motivated! Loves to play fetch and run around in the back yard

-Higher energy

-Happy go lucky and adventurous personality once she is comfortable

-Tolerant of being handled (i.e. touching her collar, touching her legs)

-Takes food gently

-Good working drive - she just wants a job!

-Currently overweight but with regular walks, exercise, and moderation of food and treats should be back to a healthy weight

-Curious around outdoor sounds - neighbours, dogs, etc

-Can be anxious and timid in new spaces, won't take food when overstimulated

-Prefers to hang out with people vs other dogs

Fun Facts:

-First Morning Impulse: Trot around room, drink water, find the back door to go play fetch

-Backyard Behaviour: Fetch! Very driven by play!

-Best Traits: Affectionate with people, smart

-Needs work: Leash skills, introductions to new people, jumping up


-Likes to try and get on top of furniture - chairs, couches, coffee tables

Adoption Fee: $500


Vetting: Willow is fully vetted and spayed. She has no known health concerns.

Wilow is being fostered in London, ON.


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