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Sex: F

Birthdate: December, 9 2018

Breed: Great Dane

Weight: ~130 lbs

Sex: Male
Birthdate: April 3rd, 2023

Breed: Husky X Shepherd
Weight: 45lbs

Dogs: Needs proper introductions

Cats: No

Kids: Needs slow introductions

Strangers: Needs proper introductions
Crate Skills: Good

Car: Good
Leash Skills: Perfect
Energy Level: Low
Confidence: Timid/insecure
Affectionate: Very once she gets to know you

Best traits: Sweet, affectionate, low energy, goofy


Needs work: Confidence building, adopters who can advocate for her

Adoption Fee: $750

Mandatory Training: All Taffy's Legacy dogs requires a home that can commit to their training with a professional trainer to set dogs up for success. We have partnered with Training Dogs Online to give Taffy's Legacy adopters 50% off to their lifetime program, however we can also recommend other great local or online programs. Adoptions will not be finalized till we have proof of signing up with a training program that we approve of. 


Vetting: Zara is fully vetted and, spayed and has had a gastropexy surgery yo prevent bloat. On intake she had been diagnosed as lyme disease and heartworm positive. Lyme Disease is a lifelong disease that is treated with the same antibiotics for heartworm treatment. After being treated Lyme disease does not severely impact a dog's quality of life if treated in the early stages. Zara has now recovered from her heartworm and lyme diagnosis and is ready for adoption. 

Zara is being fostered in Delhi, Ontario. 

Zara is currently living at a kennel enjoying her time playing and training.

Zara is the sweetest and adored by all people who meet her.  Zara came into care after she was not doing well with strangers and the other pets in her previous home, and is looking for a furever home who can advocate for her and provide structure so she can be the best version of herself. She is good with strangers once she has had a slow and proper introduction - no forced touching or pressure! She does pick up on people being nervous, which makes her more nervous. 

Zara is house and crate trained. She is lower energy and can get tired easily on hot days, but walks well on leash. She loves toys and her favorite game is fetch! At 130 pounds, Zara is tall and quite strong, and can be pushy about thresholds so she needs a confident handler who can teach her its polite to wait at doorways. 

​Zara is good with well-balanced dogs at the kennel and has several friends she socializes with regularly, however she does need proper introductions and structure when meeting new dogs. Zara can be uneasy around fast movement and can be jealous for attention. Zara would do best in a home with lots of structure and boundaries during the transition period. Zara came to us after killing a cat, and an altercation between her and a small dog that she had lived with for a few years. 

She can also be skittish of unexpected movement or loud noises with a new handler. While Danes are bred to be more reserved with strangers and be protective, it is not uncommon for them to be insecure. With relationship focused training and advocating for her, Zara can be a perfect companion and an easy pup. Zara has met confident kids with proper introductions and done well, but she could easily knock them over as well, as she is 130lbs. 

Zara's grooming needs are minimal, but she can be drooly after drinking and when she's had a lot of exercise. She is good when being groomed and not picky about her feet being touched. 

Zara is a pretty easy low maintenance girl. She gets easily tired on walks in the heat, and enjoys fetch in the yard. She is quiet in the house and would do well living in an apartment or a detached home. 


Zara is looking for a home who can advocate for her when she is nervous and build up her confidence. She would do best in a home that could continue her training and provide lots of structure and boundaries. 

Here's what Zara's foster parents have to say about her: 

"She has such a beautiful personality. So lovable, gentle and calm. For a big dog the only space she occupies is your heart. Everyone that meets her loves her and doesn’t want to leave without saying bye. If you are looking for a low energy companion who will follow you around or be independent when you need space and respects the boundaries you set, Zara is the family member for you."

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