Taffy's Legacy is partnering with Midnight Nursery to do a plant sale fundraising this spring! Plant orders are available now and plants will be available to go home in May!


Foster Home 

Training & Development

Our foster homes come from all backgrounds, however a lot of our new foster homes have limited experience working with and training dogs. We pride ourselves with providing all the support our foster homes need to set their foster dogs up for success. 

We have a few wonderful trainers that have put together a comprehensive training program that is perfect for our new intakes. We strive to eliminate any additional costs for our foster homes. We would love your support to sponsor our new foster homes to receive training and guidance from our experienced trainers. The training program costs $100+tax per foster home, but any donation helps!

Double TPLO Surgery

Jazzy came into rescue with two torn cruciate ligaments. The big girl came from a home where her owners noticed that she was limping on both back legs, and thought she might have a broken leg but were unable to afford surgery. She was surrendered to a shelter where she was diagnosed with two torn cruciate ligaments. 

Jazzy will be seeing an orthopedic specialist and will likely require surgery as she is a giant breed.

Please consider donating to Jazzys TPLO surgeries to live a pain free-life!


Heartworm Treatment

Zara has been diagnosed as Heartworm and Lyme Disease positive. Zara's treatment is estimated around $2000, and will last until summer 2022. She has currently just been diagnosed and treatment will begin after her spay and gastropexy surgery at the end of February.


We need your support to help Zara recover and become a big healthy Dane!

Item Donations

TLC always welcomes donations! See below for a list of our most needed items, we also welcome items not listed. If you have items you wish to donate, please contact us for drop off or pick up. Items TLC frequently needs include:

• Monetary Donations

• Toys

• Martingale collars

• Large crates

• Puppy pads

• Bowls (Stainless steel)

• Muzzles

• Laundry detergent

• Multi purpose cleaner

• Paper towels

• Gift Cards (e.g. pet stores, Canadian Tire, grocery stores)


To arrange a pick up/ drop off of your donate, please contact us at taffyslegacy@gmail.com


Heartworm Treatment

Alaska has been diagnosed as Heartworm and Lyme Disease positive.

Alaska's treatment is estimated around $2000, and will last until June. He has currently gone through his first round of antibiotics and is preparing for his hospitalization for his melarsomine injections at the end of February. We need your support to help Alaska recover and go back to being his happy, playful self!

Cancer Treatment

RuPaul came into care in January, and upon arriving in care we noticed a large mass on his back right leg. We quickly booked RuPaul into our vet to do a cytology, mass removal and biopsy. RuPaul was diagnosed as having a grade 1 sarcoma, but fortunately not affecting surrounding cells. 

RuPaul's treatment has cost $1350. We would appreciate any support to help cover RuPaul's mass removal surgery and diagnostics.


TPLO Surgery

Lima came into rescue with a history of a cruciate injury that had never been fully explored or corrected. We booked her in with our Orthopedic Specialist ASAP and recently confirmed that she will require surgery.

Lima's surgery is booked for August 17th, and the estimate is $3050. 
Lima has already had her radiograph and we will be booking bloodwork prior to surgery. 

Please consider donating to Lima's TPLO surgery to live a pain free-life!