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Frequently Asked Questions

**Please read thoroughly prior to sending us an email to get answers to common questions faster!**

How do I adopt a dog?

Check out our Adoptables page or the Adoption Application link in the Adoptables drop down menu to download an application!

**PLEASE READ the Adoption Process as well to get detailed information on how we go through your application.**


You will need to have access to a computer to fill out these forms (i.e. they are not compatible with smart phones). If you don't have one, please check out your local library as they often have computers for public use!

What does "On Hold" mean?

Our dogs are on a mandatory two-week holding period once they enter foster care so we can learn more about them. We do this to ensure that both you and our dog find the perfect match.


Our goal is to find each dog their one and only forever home! In the long run, waiting an extra couple of weeks to ensure this dog will not need to be rehomed again is in the best interest of all parties. New dogs need time to adjust to their new environment before we can make any assessments regarding their temperament, strengths and weaknesses, and on how they are with kids, cats and other dogs.


However, if a dog is “On Hold,” you may still fill out an application! Just know that we may not get to you right away as we’ll handle applications for our “Available” dogs first!

The definitions for the status of our available dogs are also listed on the Adoptables page!

Where are you located?

We are a foster-based rescue and do not have an official location. The dogs are all located in foster homes in Waterloo, Kitchener, Guelph, Cambridge, London, Toronto and Delhi (among others). We do not have a facility to visit.

I don't have a fenced backyard. Can I still adopt?

Yes! A fenced back yard is not mandatory for you to adopt from or foster with TLC. Some dogs may come with “special conditions” that need to be met in order to be adopted (such as a fenced yard), but that is determined by the individual needs of a dog and would be communicated to you during the initial stages of adoption.

Where are the dogs from?

**PLEASE NOTE that no two dogs are the same, and this general information won't apply to every single dog. As you will see in the following section "What's their 'story?'" we have already provided you with all of the information we have knowledge of.**

Taffy's is currently working with Shelter's and other Rescue Organizations across Southern Ontario to help with their overpopulation due to owner surrenders and stray population control.


We strive to help provide our local dogs with a second chance at finding their fur-ever home. 


Another question we get often:


The short answer is NO. As we mentioned already, never make assumptions about a dog's past as it just hurts your relationship with that dog. If you have more questions on this topic, feel free to email us.

How long does the process take?

Our Adoption Process is outlined in detail on the first few pages of the application, as well as here on our website. Here are the basic steps:

1. Application Review

2. Reference Checks

3. Home Visit

4. Phone Call with Adoptions Coordinator

5. Meet & Greet


Multiple applications for one dog will be processed simultaneously.


Our application is general -- so if the dog you were initially interested in becomes unavailable, you do not need to fill out a new application for any subsequent dogs.

What vetting is done?

All of our dogs are fully and age-appropriately vetted. Adoptions fees cover this basic vetting.


When you adopt one of our dogs, the following is provided:

  • Spay/Neuter

  • Age appropriate vaccinations (DAPP & rabies)

  • Deworming

  • Accuplex 4 testing (heartworm, lyme disease, anaplasmosis, & ehrlichiosis) 

  • Microchipping

  • Food for one week

  • Collar & leash


Slip leads are available for purchase as well.

Puppies who have not received all of their medical care before leaving TLC will be vetted at no cost to the new owner at one of our approved vets, or a specified reimbursement will be provided.

What are the adoption fees?

Puppies and dogs over 100lbs are $750. Dogs over 8 months and dogs under 100lbs are $650. Some dogs may have an additional training fee, and include access to our training program. The adoption fee helps to cover the cost of the dog’s basic vetting. We rely on donations from our wonderful supporters to cover any additional or emergency vetting costs. Our rescue is 100% non-profit, and these adoption fees are non-negotiable. 

How do I request information on a dog

All of the information we have about our dogs in care is posted either on Facebook, Instagram or our website; there is no additional 'secret' or 'surprise' information that we're stashing away! So make sure you head over to the Adoptables page and check out the individual dogs' profiles to get the answers you're looking for.

Can I come meet the dog?

We do not do meet and greets ahead of applicants becoming Approved Adopters. This is to reduce the workload on our foster families as each Meet & Greet takes a lot of time and resources on their part, as well as to minimize applicant disappointment/expectations in case they do not get that dog.

What dogs are available for adoption?

All of our Adoptables are listed on our website with detailed profiles. If a dog doesn't yet have a full profile, we are still learning about them.


You can also head over to our Facebook and Instagram pages to see more posts about all of our dogs!

Are the dogs spayed/neutered?

All rescue dogs are spayed or neutered prior to adoption. 

The only exceptions may be puppies who have not received all of their medical care before leaving TLC.

Puppies will have their spay or neuter completed at no cost to the new owner at one of our approved vets, or a specified reimbursement will be provided.

We will not adopted any adult dog that is not spayed or neutered.

Do I have to hire a trainer to adopt?

All Taffy's Legacy dogs require a home that can commit to their training with a professional trainer. This is to ensure all our dogs are set up for success.

We have partnered with Training Dogs Online to give Taffy's Legacy adopters a discount off of their lifetime program, however we also recommend other great local or online programs.

Please note that adoptions will not be finalized until we have proof of enrollment in an approved training program.

What breed is the dog?

More often than not, our dogs are a good old-fashioned rescue special! We use our canine knowledge to give an educated guess on the dog’s mix. This means that we cannot make any guesses of the size a puppy will grow up to be. We also will never guarantee that a certain dog is hypoallergenic, or low or non-shedding.

What's their 'story?'

When it comes to a dog's 'story' we have given both the information we HAVE and the information you NEED to ensure the success of the dog in their new home. Here are two reasons we might not have an answer to the questions "what's their story:"

1. The information provided is all that we have! More often than not, our dogs come to us as a fresh slate and we only know their current behaviours, not 'why' they are the way they are.

2. There is no need to dwell on the past! Labeling a dog as 'abused' or 'abandoned' or from a specific situation, when you don't know if that's the truth, sets them up for failure. Instead of being stuck on their past, focus on the present -- believe us, they've already moved on!

With that being said, we always provide 100% of the information necessary to make sure all parties are safe, healthy and happy throughout the adoption journey.

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