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TLC Rescue is always searching for volunteers to help us.


TLC is run completely by volunteers. We could not function without our passionate and wonderful volunteer team. There are numerous ways volunteers help us including: 


  • Assisting with reference checks and home visits;

  • Transporting dogs; 

  • Handling TLC dogs at events;

  • Helping set up/take down at events;

  • Baking treats for events; 

  • Assisting in fundraising initiatives; and 

  • Talking to the public about TLC and our available dogs.

Please feel free to contact us and elaborate in what capacity you want to assist us. We know everyone has different skills and resources to offer, ones we may not have even thought of! 


We welcome everyone including individuals, businesses, company owners, professionals, and groups. We strongly believe in working closely with residents and local businesses to build a better community!

Volunteer with TLC
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