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Berlin's Heart Surgery

On April 3, 2023 Berlin was born into rescue along with his 6 siblings. He was a seemingly normal puppy until we learned at his 8 week check-up that he was born with a heart-murmur. Our vet told us that it was a pretty noticeable murmur and rated on a scale of 2-3. At the time they told us that murmurs are not uncommon in puppies and that we should wait until he was 16 weeks old before doing any further diagnostics.

At his 16 week check-up, unfortunately the news was not what we had hoped. Not only had he not outgrown the murmur, it appeared to be getting worse and was now a grade 4-5 murmur. At this time they suggested we take him to a cardiologist to have his heart evaluated to determine what was causing the murmur.


We soon found out that from the specialist that Berlin has a condition called pulmonic dysplasia which is causing stenosis, which means Berlin has the following going on in his heart right now:

• Severe obstruction,

• Severe right ventricular muscle thickening and moderate right ventricular internal dilation,

• Moderate right atrial dilation.

With this condition, Berlin is at risk for arrhythmias, symptoms (such as syncope/fainting), and sudden death.


At present the cardiologist is recommending a procedure called a balloon valvuloplasty which would significantly increase his quality and length of life. His life expectancy is expected to be greatly reduced given the heart condition and he isn't expected to live more than a few years if he does not get this surgery.


We are asking for donations to cover both the previous vet visits which totaled $982.84, and the specialist appointment at Ontario Veterinary College which was $728.81. 

The surgery performed at OVC in November was cost $5000. With an estimated cost of $700, for his 3 month post-surgery follow up appointment. This includes the vet visit, and an echocardiogram, with potential for additional funds needed if other diagnosing or care is needed.

Treatment Updates

Update January 26th: Berlin is scheduled in for his follow up appointment at OVC on February 29th.

Berlin has had continued success on his sotalol medication for his heart.

Update December 7th: Berlin is feeling great at 2 weeks post op and got his stitches removed from his neck.


Update November 23rd: Berlin is picked up for post surgery recovery at his foster home.

Update November 22nd: Berlin's Surgery day at OVC!; Surgery was a success!

Update November 16th: Berlin starts Sotalol to decrease complications during his surgery

Treatment Plan

  1.  Use Sotalol as prescribed to give decrease Berlin's chances of complications during his Surgery

  2. Get Berlin in for Surgery

  3.  Follow OVC directions on post-surgery recovery

  4. Follow up in 3 months at OVC for an echocardiogram to see where Berlin's heart pressure is now

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