Furever Fosters

A 'Furever Foster' is a dog who, for medical and/or behavioural reasons, is not available for adoption and will remain in TLC's care indefinitely. They live in loving foster homes who are ready to cater to their every need as they would their own dog -- just like the rest of our foster dogs.
When it comes to our long-term residents, we need extra financial support to cover their veterinary needs. In general, the vetting costs for our adoptable dogs are offset by their adoption fees -- since Furever Fosters remain in our care indefinitely, we need your help to help get them the extra care they need.
Click on the button above to send us an email! You can purchase specific items OR make a general donation that will go towards their care. As these dogs are here 'furever,' we will also be looking to set up a monthly program to make sure your sponsor pup is always getting all they need!

Become A


Bebe is a 13 year old husky/shepherd who was sadly left at a kill shelter and given an adoption 'deadline.' We knew that such a sweet dog didn't deserve that kind of ending and knew she had to become part of the TLC family!

Bebe has a left head tilt that, though adorable, indicates that she has some neurological issues. She is also quite underweight, has three masses on her side, sore limbs (likely due to joint pain or arthritis), scabbing and decaying teeth. Considering all of these medical setbacks, our ultimate goal with Bebe is to give her every bit of happiness and love that we can until she tells us it is her time. 

Bebe is just settling in to her forever foster and from there, we will be able to tell you more about her and her personality. At this time, she is on daily pain medication to help with her joint pain. She struggles moving around on the hardwood floor (not to mention stairs!), so carpet and a cozy bed on the main floor are her two best friends. She is a fantastic addition to her foster family and they can't wait to learn more about this sweet lady!



What Bebe Needs:
- Donations for ongoing medical care (i.e. pain medication)
- XL Kong for delicious treats
- Soft chews

- Wet food

13yo Shepherd X



Agnes came to TLC in 2017 from a local shelter. She was originally just a 'regular' adoptable dog looking for a furever family ready to handle her bully ways. Right before that perfect home came along, Agnes’ foster mum noticed that she was tilting her head to one side quite a bit and had a lot of redness in her ears. She went to the vet and were hoping for a simple inner ear infection that could be quickly remedied. Unfortunately, the medication didn’t work and the next step was traveling to the specialist to see if something more complicated was at play. The neurologists sadly confirmed we were likely looking at a brain tumor.

Agnes is a typical, stubborn bully and cuddly ball of love all wrapped in one. She has been in foster care since August 2017, and lives a full, happy life with her furever foster mom and foster brother. Her symptoms are currently under control and managed via medication. To see her, you'd never know that she was anything other than loved and spoiled 24/7.

Agnes’ Wish list:
- Donations for ongoing medical care (i.e. pain medication)
- Tough toys... she is a bully, after all!
- XL Kong for extra mental stimulation

7yo American Bulldog X


Kyrie came to us as a behavioural furever foster after being bounced around a few shelters and homes.  She is a girl who likes consistency and needs a certain environment to thrive in, and her foster mom is learning about those details every day. Kyrie enjoys the company of her canine foster siblings but prefers above all else to be with her favourite humans! She can be leery of men and if not introduced appropriately, and can make poor decisions meeting dogs if not advocated for. With support from a trainer and consistent work from her foster mom, Kyrie has made huge steps in improving her behvaiours.

Kyrie also has a few medical concerns under her belt -- after seeing a specialist, we found out she had not only hip dysplasia but bilateral elbow dysplasia, too! These diagnoses were causing a lot of pain to the poor (only two years old!) girl in everyday life, with activities as simple as talking on hardwood floor and taking the stairs. After her surgery in the summer of 2018, she has gained more function and is able to go on walks much more comfortably... and more importantly, can play with her canine siblings! That being said, Ky is known to prefer snuggling up for a good movie more than anything else.

Kyrie’s Wish list:
- Donations to cover cost of surgery and behavioural modification training
- Donations for ongoing medical care (i.e. pain medication)
- XL Kong for daily mental stimulation (and yummy treats)
- Benko knuckle bones, her favourite treat!

4yo Mastiff X



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