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Dogs: Loves ALL dogs

Cats: Not tested yet

Kids: Likely, no
Strangers: Extremely Timid
Crate Skills:  Good
Leash Skills: Needs work, appears to have minimal leash exposure

Car: Ok, is quiet, but shuts down (anxiety)
Energy Level: Medium/High; does settle in kennel quickly though
Confidence: Anxious, timid, needs positive reinforcement
Affectionate: Can become affection over time once you are her trusted person(s)

Resources: No issues with people or dogs

Training: Very food motivated, eager to train

Best traits:  absolutely adorable, great with all dogs, clean in her kennel, food motivated and eager to train.


Needs work: Positive introductions to the leash and building confidence with humans.

Adoption Fee: $650

Mandatory Training: All Taffy's Legacy dogs requires a home that can commit to their training with a professional trainer to set dogs up for success. We have partnered with Training Dogs Online to give Taffy's Legacy adopters 50% off to their lifetime program, however we can also recommend other great local or online programs. Adoptions will not be finalized till we have proof of signing up with a training program that we approve of. 


Vetting:  Selma  is in perfect health! She currently has her spay appointment scheduled for the end of Nov 2023, and has one more booster shot left to be completed. Otherwise, she is up to date on her vetting. **She has not yet been heartworm tested**


Selma  is being fostered in  Delhi, ON



Sex: Female

Birthdate: October 31st, 2022

Breed: Lab X

Weight: 40lbs

Selma was pulled from a list of dogs who were going to be euthanized. We know she is a tough case based on how fearful she is, however we had the room to give her a chance and so far, she’s exceeded all of our expectations. We hope that with training and time we can help her find balance in her scared little brain and see that people really aren’t so bad.

First impressions:
Strangers: Extremely timid with people, we pulled this girl knowing full and well that she will take a couple months of training and rehabilitation to become adoptable. At present she is very fearful, shies away and will not approach new people.

Dogs: Loves ALL dogs. Selma is very dog social and will match the play style of her friends. Rather than becoming defensive when the play gets too intense, she becomes submissive and rolls on her back.

Cats: Unsure with cats, we will test her once she settles in. She is however quite prey driven towards the resident chickens, noteworthy, but this does not necessarily mean she couldn't live with cats.

Kids: Though we have not tested her with children we feel that based on her timid-ness she'd do best in an adult only home with another canine companion who is confident to show her the ropes, this could change after spending some time in care.

Crate: Selma is clean in her kennel and goes in and although the first few days she was apprehensive going out, she has no hesitation going back in, she seems to like her kennel!

Leash: Clearly has minimal or no leash experience and acts semi-feral on leash. She panics, tries to get away and gator rolls when leashed.

Car Skills: Both trips she has been quiet in her crate, but she was very shut down for both so we will need to reevaluate this as time goes on.


Energy Level: Medium to high energy, runs like the wind outside, but settles quickly in her kennel.


Confidence: Very unsure, will need consistent training and positive reinforcement to build her up.


Affection: In just 3 short weeks this girl has really come around and with the people she trusts she will lean into you and then flop over for belly rubs.

Resources: Has not shown any issues with people or other dogs thus far.

Training: very food motivated, takes food a little rough, but is eager to train.

Behavioural: Even though Selma was the equivalent of semi-feral when leashed at the shelter, she showed no indication of wanting to bite. Given her level of fear, this was reason enough to give her a chance. Behaviourally, she will need work on building confidence and counterconditioning her aversion to the leash (which admittedly has already improved leaps and bounds).

Best traits: absolutely adorable, great with all dogs, clean in her kennel, food motivated and eager to train.

Needs improvement: Positive introductions to the leash and building confidence with humans.

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