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Adoption Fee: $650

Mandatory Training: All Taffy's Legacy dogs requires a home that can commit to their training with a professional trainer to set dogs up for success. We have partnered with Training Dogs Online to give Taffy's Legacy adopters 50% off to their lifetime program, however we can also recommend other great local or online programs. Adoptions will not be finalized till we have proof of signing up with a training program that we approve of. 



Mila is in good health, however she does appear to have a previous eye injury that caused some cloudiness that we had looked at by the vet. She is fully vetted.

Mila is being fostered in Delhi, ON



Sex: Female
Birthdate: October 31, 2022

Breed: Presa Canario X
Weight: 70lbs

Mila was adopted from animal control in August of 2023 by a friend of mine (Melissa)’s, someone I had met years ago in rescue. At the beginning of October, I received a call from animal control as I was listed as the emergency contact for this friend’s dogs. I was informed by the animal control officer that my friend had been taken by ambulance and that she was non-verbal. I of course agreed to take Mila until she was well, however, she ended up having cancer and passed away two weeks ago. I’m still in shock, however one thing I know for certain is that I will do right by my friend and find Mila the absolute best home possible.

First impressions:


Dogs: Can be reactive to some dogs through her kennel, however we introduced her to Bob and the two of them hit it off immediately. She played rough from the get go and was “boxing” him with her paws relentlessly until he finally gave in and played. Her lack of boundaries with other dogs could get her into trouble as surely not all dogs would appreciate this overzealous play style.

Cats: Unsure with cats, we will test her once she has settled in.


Kids: Though we have not tested her with children we feel she would be best in an adult only home or a home with older dog savvy children. Her tail is a whip and she is a bit of a wild girl.

Strangers: Friendly, outgoing, hyper and likes to jump up.

Crate: Mila has been having frequent accidents in her kennel despite adequate let outs. We believe she is having accidents as an attention seeking behaviour and we are working to try to fulfill her through play with other dogs, exercise and training to curb this behaviour.

Leash: A bit of a wild girl on leash, however she does settle fairly quickly and takes corrections well.


Car Skills: Mila travels well and is quiet in the car so long as she is tethered/crated. We feel given her energy level she may be a bit of a pest if left loose.


Energy Level: High! Mila is an energetic girl who has some serious energy to burn.


Confidence: Fairly confident, however she would definitely benefit from a confident handler who will advocate for her and continue to build her up.


Affection: Mila is extremely affectionate and loves pets, however she is a bit of an unruly puppy trapped in an adult dog’s body and likes to mouth, jump up and is overall a bit rude.

Resources: Has not shown any issues with people or other dogs thus far, though we really haven’t had much opportunity to test this around other dogs.

Behavioural: Mila is a wild child and as mentioned above, does enjoy practicing rude puppy behaviour (mouthing, jumping etc.).

Training: This girl loves food and is eager to train. She is smart and offers behaviours readily. It will not take much to get her on her best behaviour so long as she has a consistent trainer.

Best traits: affectionate, playful, silly and fun to train.

Needs improvement: Discouraging jumping, mouthing and general bratty behaviour through training.

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