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Riesling is a 4 year old hound mix that joined TLC in August, 2022. While at her foster home a few unwanted behaviours began to present themselves. We have witnessed crate space guarding, mild resource guarding , general insecurity/fear due to sensitivity, stranger danger, moderate alert barking and, mild separation anxiety. Despite these obstacles, Riesling is curious and very sweet! She loves her people but, is independent and not into cuddling/affection. She is a great work-from-home buddy and has even joined her Foster Mom at the office! Her favourite thing to do is go for long walks where she can follow her nose. She loves to train and is quick to pick up new commands and concepts. With so many great qualities to offer, we aren't giving up on this girl! 


Our goal for Riesling is to to support her on her journey to adoption by managing behaviours, and provide her with transferable skills her future family can learn and utilize. We hope that with additional professional support we can further determine and lessen the impact of triggers that are debilitating to her mental wellness. Allowing us to better understand and manage her poor behaviours. This will be done by strengthening her ability to trust people, building her confidence further, and utilizing the best methods and tools suited to her. You can support Riesling on her journey by donating towards her training costs, including yummy high value treats, training tools and professional training support. 

Riesling's Rehabilitation

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